I was thinking I didn’t realize my first day of school is tomorrow! >o<

Then I thought I need some cool pre-prepared introduction. It made me think of the introductions they made us do for orientation at my job. What was I gonna say for that? My last job was in 2012 the day after my aunt died and I worked under the table peddling food at a street fair?  Usually it’s the standard name and major thing. Sometimes they like to throw you a curve ball and say to add a fun fact about yourself or something. I could say I work in the deli or that I spent the whole summer listening to Depeche Mode. What sounds more interesting? 🤔

And I got a good horoscope about my school year.

I feel unprepared though. Well I’ve never gone back to school while starting a new job at the same time.

Before work I was trying to get myself pumped by listening to “Work Hard”.

At work it wasn’t too crazy. I had to man the front again, but there were really no customers. Then I was told to go to another department. It was so relaxing and tame there. I could be alone with my thoughts. The only thing that killed me was all the standing. I was thinking about how I was thinking about this Eve 6 video yesterday. Everybody was in a mood yesterday. The workers and the customers.

I realized the 2 new coworkers who came to the deli the same time as me one of them is a little hot headed and the other is really strict and by the book and I feel I’m in the middle from their personalities.

I was really trying to help clean up because I know closing the deli and cleaning up is a pain. I’ll see them on Wednesday.