I hurt myself cooking breakfast. I can’t believe it! I hope my finger heals by Wednesday. That’s when I have to go to work.

The first few weeks back at school are the hardest. Was I supposed to print put a syllabus? I don’t feel as neurotic this time. I had less time to ruminate. I was too busy worrying about work. Perhaps I should write myself inspirational inane messages to myself like I did in high school? I listened to “Nothing to Fear” on the ride to school. I dropped my mp3 player in the bus again. I usually do something dorky on the first day anyway.

I didn’t realize how humid it is today. I should have gotten here earlier to try and get a bus pass. There are so many people. If I have to wait too long I’ll have to leave. I can come after class. ūüėí

There were too many people there waiting by the classroom door. It made feel uncomfortable. It was way too stuffy. Plus I knew there were going to be some people who were going to try and take a seat who were not enrolled or on the waitlist. It always happens with the popular classes especially in the fall.

He puts all his notes online and you can print out the slides and said you do not have to write much. Its gonna waste a lot of ink but I can pay for some of it. I got a job now. I have to say that printing out slides is not my preferred note taking method. It’s second only to Cornell Notes as my most despised note taking method. I know people say that is like a great note taking study hack, but I personally don’t like it. He said you don’t have to write much so I was doodling. Well at least I didn’t write the lyrics to “Black Celebration” again. The doodles came out pretty great. I was having a lot of INFP feelings today, and the doodles helped.

Luckily there were no class introductions. Another good thing was that he said all we needed for this class was a scientific calculator and a book.

Its funny that I can’t stand to look at food now. Almost any kind.

All I need to do is get a book now.

The bus was crowded on the ride both ways.