I had to go to school to go use the book and so my math homework. When I saw the bus I had to get on to ride there I saw it was crowded when it turned the corner. I though “Oh fuck no!”. I knew this bus ride was going to be “fun”.

Then I wondered if I should quit school. I told myself “Yes I would quit at a a day and a half.” *face palm* That is one thing I’m good at quitting. I thought “I have a job now.” Then I thought at least I’m not selling knives or car wax.

Some old lady gets on the bus and tells off a girl about how she should have the seat because she is old. I hate riding in the front of the bus. People shoot you dirty looks to move to another part of the bus. Where am I going to go? The only other place for me to go would be to get off the bus and I was pretty tempted to do that. I was trying to keep myself from falling. The bus goes uphill. I was thinking about the Harvey Danger video “Private Helicopter”. I felt like a puppeteer trying to keep my arms up and not feel fatigued.


I decided that no matter what happens I’m not riding the bus at that time again.  Next time I’d take the “F” on the assignment.

It took a long time to do the math homework. I had no idea what I was doing. I just scribbled something down. I thought it was funny that I was listening to “Everything Counts” while doing statistics was quite funny and ironic.

Got an email for nano. Oh hell no! I’m not participating this year plus I haven’t been writing much anyway. I still don’t know why I’m not as prolific as I used to be.

There was an earthquake and it freaked me out! >o<