I want to get in a quick blog in. I’m a little sleep deprived.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do much by having to go to school and then working at the deli.

I got to class pretty early at about 10:37AM it wasn’t very crowded. Cell reception is really shitty in the math building now for some reason. 👿 I can’t even play Sailor Moon Drops. Since I was there so early I thought I’d get some writing done. I realized I drank too much soda in the morning because I had to go to the bathroom really badly. When I got there I thought all the stalls were occupied. So I waited for a free one. I awkwardly ran into my math teacher from the spring semester in the women’s bathroom. When I saw her I thought “That lady kinda looks familiar.” 🤔 Then she recognized me.  When I left the bathroom alone I saw she was still in the same room she was in the spring semester.

I was bored in class and doodling again. I did take notes on the slide printouts. It was ok I guess. :/

He said you don’t have to write out the statements for the problems and that I could use my old calculator. 😃 Great!

I’ve been seeing a lot of people at school with metal band shirts. Is metal becoming popular again? Or are they just wearing them for fashion?

At work ran into that guy who helps clean the deli. I was saying he could be my deli senpai. he thought that was funny. Actually everybody pretty much there could be my deli senpai if I wanted them to. After I talked to that guy I entered the deli. The first thing I was asked after pleasantry exchanges was if I felt the earthquake. I was bored when I was unloading the rotisserie chickens. I was singing to them. I was singing “See You” and “A Photograph of You” by Depeche Mode and the song “Big Chair” by Reacharound to them.

I was stuck cleaning the deli with a few other people.

That guy and I were joking around saying that “Deli Senpai” sounds like a high school anime drama or something. The other co workers didn’t get it.