I found out that the book I want to rent for class is $71! That is like $71 of hard earned deli money just being thrown in the trash like a moldy old pizza. (throwing out moldy old pizzas is part of my job)

My copy of “Violator” came early. ^-^

I have this version.

It’s funny because this story showed up in the news feed of my phone.

And Now, a Word From 20-Year-Old Me: A Review of Depeche Mode’s “Violator”

It’s great and all, but I just wish there were more songs on it. I can’t buy anymore albums for now. I need more money. Which one should I get next?ūü§Ē “Black Celebration”? “Some Great Reward”? “Construction Time Again”? “Speak & Spell”? I would like to get the ones I’m missing in between “A Broken Frame” and “Music for the Masses”.