So I was working in the bakery today. I like it so much better than the deli. It’s not as hectic, it smells better and it can be run with less people.

I wanted to see what time it was and my manager caught my on my phone while giving a tour of the store to potential hires. He called me out on it. 😳😅 My other coworkers both went on break and left me alone there by myself. It was almost time for my break too. The real problem is that all the clocks there are all at different times. It’s very confusing. It made me think about in tv shows where the character does something and then somebody else tells them what they did was an example of what not to do. I’ve seen that joke used in Mister Ed, I Love Lucy and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Then I thought I’ve only been there for about 2 weeks or so. My first day was on the 16th. (I remembered I saw a sign on the door saying something about orientation. I remembered that my orientation was also on a Friday.)

I felt really bad for the baguettes. Some of them were just too soft and floppy. Nobody was going to want to buy those. So I took one of the floppy ones and bought it. Feeling sorry for bread and talking to rotisserie chickens are whimsical things. I wasn’t even trying to do it on purpose. When I don’t worry about things like that I can shine. Is “shine” the right word?

Anyway I had to throw out old baked goods. Coincidentally I had my MP3 player with me from break. It helped pass the time a little faster. Nobody told me anything about listing to music in the bakery while I did this, so I guess it was ok? Three superiors saw me do it. I like to listen to “Master and Servant” at work. “It’s lot like life” XD Well that song and “Work Hard”.

I have this problem with some of my coworkers “teaching themselves” how to do things at work. I mean you can do that but you might end up developing bad habits and do the task perpetually wrong.

I never realized how stinky some of my coworkers’ lunches can be.

Bakery claims are a little stinky, but not as much as the deli is.

I showed my mom the “See You” chickens video. She didn’t think it was a funny as I think it is. After a bad day at work I like to watch that video.

She commented on Dave’s dancing. When she saw Martin she asked about his hair. I’m just like “Oh, he is my favorite one.” She wanted to know what his hair looks like now. She doesn’t need to know I have a whole folder of pictures of him saved on the computer. 😳😅