Notice Me (Again) Deli Senpai — September 30, 2018

Notice Me (Again) Deli Senpai

He was working in the meat department. When I went there to throw out some old meat. I saw there was somebody there. There are flaps on the freezer that are transparent, but fogged up I can see a person in there, but not very well. At first I was waiting politely. It was taking a long time, so then I started to yell. Then I saw it was him.

I saw that customer again with the circa 2003 Martin Gore hair style.

Later he came by the deli. I asked it he was on break or lunch. He said he was on lunch. I figured if I went to lunch at the same time as him I would not have to unload the rotisserie. So I hurried up. I wanted another My Little Pony toy, but they only had the ones I already have. So I got a Bacon McDouble instead.

When I met him in the break room, he was amazed at the Bacon Mcdouble. He didn’t know McDonads sold a burger with bacon in it. I hadn’t eaten it yet and I opened it to show him. He told me he can eat a 20 piece McNuggets by himself. The 6 piece is enough for me especially when I get it with fries or in a happy meal.

I was explaining the Sailor Moon Drops game to him. About how the events work. He wanted to know why I don’t use any of those Sailor Moon Drops wallpapers from the game.

He asked what other mobile games I play. I said I can’t play too many mobile games becuase I would not have enough time to play them. I showed him the Chibi Maruko Chan. The only reason I really play that one is because the scarcity of Chibi Maruko Chan related things in the west. I have a bunch of Chibi Maruko Chan pics I’ve been hoarding on my computer for a blog I never finished. He thinks he saw Chibi Maruko Chan before. It ran on local tv for many years. After I jogged his memory he remembered Samurai Pizza Cats too.

I also saw a guy with a ska shirt. You hardly see people wear those anymore. So I had to complement him on it.

Stray Observations — September 29, 2018

Stray Observations

So instead of blogging about the inane happenings of the deli I work at. I thought I’d just write about some stray observations. Also because I fell asleep after work yesterday.

And I posted a blog I have been working on for a while since I got a job. I was working on it little by little. I hope you enjoy it.

And I counted it twice on my fingers. The end of the 3 month probation period would be in November. I really don’t wanna work on Thanksgiving day. But I would be a little sad if I had to miss the dog show. I’ve seen every one since 2001.

I still think my job is a bad fit.Β  So I don’t like to talk much and I really don’t like people much. Extroverts love retail jobs. I also don’t want to be involved in store gossip. Is that a bad thing?

When I was watching the music video for “Enjoy the Silence”. My mom said that song sounded familiar and it was the music my old cousin listens to. I had sort of been waiting for one of my parents to notice I was listening to really old music. Anyway I won’t watch that music video as much anymore. I have plenty of others to watch.

Still Inane After all These Years —

Still Inane After all These Years

So I was going through some of my old diaries from high school that were not from 1998. I find myself getting retrospective about my life recently. I’m not sure because I’m getting older or what. But like I keep saying I haven’t changed much.

During my junior year of high school I had an obsession with Lovely White and Lovely Sky. They were really popular with a lot people at the school. They are Korean stationery characters from Orange Story and Morning Glory respectively. I just loved the cute artwork and Engrish sayings on them. They were so popular in 2000/2001. The thing I liked about these notebooks was that you could fill out your class schedule in them. On the inside front cover. On the inside back cover you could write a little message.











(I found a lot of these pics on Pinterest.)

So I wrote these messages to myself. These 2 were inane.

this one is circa November 2000

joyfulwhitemessage 001

this one is circa December 2000

sportywhitemessage 001 - Copy

This last one I got from a girl at school who wrote it on a post it note. She was cool and listened to 80s music; like Josie Cotton. (this one is circa May 2001)

cherrymessage 001 - Copy

These ones were written in a different non-Korean character stationary diary. They are obviously from 2002 from the date on them. They are referenced in this old blogger entry.

dedication 001 - Copy

skaterrock 001 - Copy

Ask for it! — September 27, 2018

Ask for it!

I was thinking about how people like to post deceleration photos on facebook and stuff like that and that I thought it was a good idea. (It doesn’t even need to be real to some degree.) My mom thinks I’m crazy. She doesn’t know how much people get caught up in their appearance and the appearance of others. Sometimes all you need is a good photo and some type of internet declaration. Or make a video announcement. That kind of stuff can fool a lot of people young and old. (I still need to buy a few more items) But I have been spending my money on Depeche Mode merchandise. So I have not been buying that other kind of stuff.

I went to where I work to shop for trail mix when I heard my boss’ voice. Then I’m trying to nonchalantly chase my boss around the store while I was shopping there. (I was not on the clock) I wanted to ask about changing my hours. My mom met one of my supervisors, but not my boss.

Later at work there was this lady (a customer) who gave me a complement on my work in the deli. My first time and I’ve been there for over a month. ^-^ I’ll take what I can get. That lady was really happy to get that chicken.

So my bossy coworker was bragging about how customers as for her by name. And that a district manager said she was doing a good job. And that she brings her “A game”. I had to hold my by laughter when she said that. (she probably thinks I bring my “F game”. Wait that sounds strangely perverted.) I do bring game, but it’s B or C at best.

It made me think of this Blue Star Ointment commercial for some reason.

My bossy coworker is staring to be nice to me for some reason. This has happened to me before. I feel suspicious.

I got 2 more McDonald’s MLP Happy Meal characters. I got Spike and Rainbow Dash. Now I have 4 of them.

What does this Button Do? — September 26, 2018

What does this Button Do?

For some reason I felt like wearing my MLP barrettes. I bought them a few years ago, but never wore them much.

I took a quiz and I really tried to study this time.

When I was taking the quiz I was thinking about the deli and sort of distracted by those thoughts. But I didn’t think about shirtless members of Depeche Mode so that is an improvement? I guess?

I was proud of my self that I did not fall asleep in class today. So that was an accomplishment…sort of. πŸ˜•

I found the “!” button on my calculator. I think it did something I don’t know/remember. The last time I used that button was in high school. I think we touched on statistics. I think I did in pre-calculus too. I asked my teacher about it but he wouldn’t tell me much. πŸ˜“

For some reason I really wanted cookies after class.

After I thought about it was like that Berenstain Bears cartoon about Mighty Milton who Too Tall focused on what he couldn’t do than what he could do. And that’s how I feel about the deli.

My dad is upset because I can’t stay home tomorrow and watch the Thursday Night Football game with him. (I have to go to the deli)

Pizza Time? — September 25, 2018

Pizza Time?

I’ve been getting a nervous stomach. The mere thought of work is making me nauseous. I haven’t really had this since I was about 12, and I was being bullied. This happened before I got mopey and listened to cassettes. I remember I was suicidal. I didn’t really think about it until I was listening to “Blasphemous Rumours” It’s something I don’t like to talk about or write about here in my blog. I find suicide a touchy subject.

Don’t worry I’m just upset and not feeling suicidal now.

I tried my Twix ghost. It’s just a ghost shaped Twix. The filling is the same as a Twix bar.

20180925_113816 - Copy

20180925_113837 - Copy

I ate some pizza before work while watching music videos. I ate it too fast and I had indigestion for the rest of the day.

At least I have a job?

So everybody went to lunch except me. So they called on my deli senpai to come help. So it was just me and him. Which was great in a way. When he came I was slicing meat.

Since we were alone I was telling him that I didn’t think I was very good at my job. I told him all the things I could do there. He explained to me that I already know how to do about 80% of things there. And I kinda didn’t feel so bad.

He said that the deli is very unforgiving, but the store itself is forgiving. That you have to do something really bad to get fired or not show up to work a lot. Because most companies want 6 months experience I thought I try somewhere else. (another company) He told me to stay with the company because they like to promote from within. I could always try both and see what happens. It doesn’t matter I have not been there anywhere near 6 months right now anyway.

It was strange and I’m keeping my guard up.


You Can’t Spell Rotisserie Without the Word “Rot” — September 24, 2018

You Can’t Spell Rotisserie Without the Word “Rot”

I forgot we were going to have a quiz today. I know this one was on me. I didn’t work any extra hours at the deli or anything. I didn’t even finish filling it out and what I did write was very wrong. I think I fell asleep during most of the class. I really have to stop doing this. I really need to learn this math. I was bored in class and I drew a Cutie Mark Crew style Firefly, but it sort of looks like Rainbow Dash :/

cmcfieflyg1 001

I think I need to study when I can find the time to.

The Depeche Mode shirt I ordered came in the mail. This shirt has been eluding me for months. When I tired it on it was too small. 😭 I ordered the biggest size they had. I thought I’d look so cool with my Depeche Mode shirt leaning against a wall (an indoor wall). Now I’ll look like some dork in an ill fitting shirt. XoX (It’s a “Behind the Wheel” shirt)

I went back to the McDonald’s and they also had Twilight Sparkle so I got one, just the pony no food. I was looking at the change in my hand thinking about the music video.

I thought by bossy coworker was there. So I hid. When I got to the deli I saw it was somebody else. They kinda look the same from the back. But there was no shrieking. Nice and calm. 😌

The new girl is so great! She’s so helpful and enthusiastic. She wanted to unload the rotisserie for me. Nobody likes unloading the rotisserie. Not even me. It’s why they make me do it. So I told her I’d throw out the old food. (which is what they told her to do) She’s not very good at it, yet. I like doing it because I can do it fast and group the food together. When I was getting into the groove of doing that I was told to wash dishes. Washing dishes! Bleh! I’d rather throw out old food.

Her job was to clean the rotisserie. I really don’t wanna go around spreading bad advice/training skills. I don’t know much about how to clean it. I’ve only done it like 3 times. I know it was less than 5. When she showed it to me I was thinking “Wow! You really cleaned that thing!”. I didn’t say much I just told her she did a good job. Which was no understatement.

After I thought about it. She really put her all into that job. That was me like a month ago. Now I stopped caring. I wonder how long it will take her to not care? After I thought about it I was not shown how to clean the rotisserie until like 3 weeks into the job.

The deli kills your spirit.

Zero to Sixty (percent at work) — September 23, 2018

Zero to Sixty (percent at work)

I was upset about my situation at work. Then I thought about that K-drama Love Truly/Really Really Like You. (spoilers ahead so don’t read this part if you don’t want them)


Anyway I thought about how Bong Soon was a country bumpkin who didn’t even know how to use a toilet. Most of the other characters thought she was inept because she was from the country. But she could do things like peel a potato with a spoon. And she had that rival chef who ruined her duck. And she didn’t know how to use the internet. I remember the scene when she asks her little sister how to use it. I thought about that I need to ask about how to use the stuff at work.

I just wasn’t feelin’ it today at work. I was dreading of what would await me at my shift. Also I should not have eaten a bunch of jerky before going to work.

I tried to sneak into the deli without my bossy coworker hearing me. At least she didn’t yell at me. She was busy so then I went to take care of a customer in the front. I feel they are trying to keep me stupid there as a form of oppression or something. I know that sounds weird, but I’m not paranoid in this case.

Saw my deli senpai, but we didn’t chat. 😦 (I wonder if the likes K or J dramas?) πŸ€”

Cheese bothers me I can never get the slicer for the cheese to work. πŸ˜“πŸ§€ I knew my bossy coworker was going to be annoyed with me slicing the cheese wrong. I offered to see if she would take over. I was curious to see the results. I wasn’t trying to be a smart ass or anything. If you want to do everything “yourself” then go ahead. I’m really not stopping you. Fine! You take care of your “regulars”. My hours are so inconsistent I have no idea who anybody is who is not an employee.

The scale broke again. If you are so good why can’t you fix the scale?

I feel like I’m some bad kind of drama show; like an asadora or a K-dramaΒ  or something. When I was unloading the rotisserie I was thinking about this.

Maim yourself at the deli I really don’t care.

Is this some kind of badge of deli honor I’m not aware of?

The supply closet is full so I can’t have my breaks in there until they clear it out. I really enjoyed having breaks in there. 😦

Whenever I need a mini break I go in the freezer. I think I was singing “Puppets” in there. A coworker caught me, but didn’t say anything. Sometimes I just need a few seconds of alone time. (not sure if they heard me singing)

They finally had the MLP Cutie Mark Crew toys at the McDonald’s. So I got one. I got a Fluttershy toy. I’m going to ask tomorrow if they have a different pony. Anybody who is not Fluttershy.

Catchphrase — September 22, 2018



So mine would be either something like “Um..ok?” or some variation of that form. Or “I don’t know…”. You know if I keep saying that too much I’m going to get slimed.

My Depeche Mode CD came in a few days after I ordered it. That was what that Prime subscription I paid was for. I think the next CD I’ll get will be the “101” live double album. I got “The Singles 81>85”. I’m so old I remember when this re-release came out in the late 90s. I wanted this CD because it’s got “It’s Called a Heart” on it. I don’t care what the other fans say I love that song. I sing it in the shower a lot and sometimes even at work. I wonder if I met Martin Gore and told him I really love that song if he would think I’m crazy or something.

I’m not sure why I get Saturdays off now. That is the busiest day there. Maybe I couldn’t cut the mustard? XD I won’t question it. I like it! I just wanted to get caught up with somethings at home.

Platonic Deli Pals — September 21, 2018

Platonic Deli Pals

So I made copies of the drawings for my deli senpai. When he saw them he said I should be an art major. I don’t want to say that I didn’t because I was afraid I was not good enough. Plus I have a problem with drawing real looking people. I can draw all the anime and cartoon looking people I like. He doesn’t even know I was self taught before I took formal art classes in high school. I should tell him, but I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging.

I told him if he goes to my school and takes a speech class to take it with my former speech teacher. I warned him that he has to like goofy professors. I sand to tell him he knows me and that I recommended the class. I don’t wanna sound like I’m a big person on campus there. But I’m pretty sure he remembers me.

After I clocked in I ran into him again. I said we are platonic. I noticed he wears a wedding band. Just because I look like my mind is off somewhere doesn’t mean I actually am most of the time. I think I noticed that the first or second time I saw him. I think he knows I’m a bit awkward it the way I try and speak. But he understood what I was trying to say. So I was relived.

My shift was not too bad at the deli.

My coworkers who didn’t know my age guessed I was 19. Wow! Nineteen years old. That is shaving a lot of years off my age. Well it helps with my naivety and this being my first real job. I can get away on looks alone sometimes.

I got a complement from one of my coworkers that I’m good at throwing out old food; that I can do it quickly. My secret is grouping like items. Once I made my own system and if I can use it without being bothered by other coworkers while doing it. I can do it very fast.

They can start rumors about us if they want. I don’t care and I hope he doesn’t either. He seems like the type that is not easily shaken. He has to be if he worked in the deli for some time. And you have to be somewhat mentally strong to work in the deli.

My other coworkers do like when we help clean. It means less work for them.