So I haven’t written a blog like this in a long time. So long I really can’t remember.

I gonna come out and say this I think monthly writing challenges are dumb. I know a lot of people swear by them and they are great motivation (for them). But sometimes they make people overly snooty acting like they saved the world or something because they wrote 9000 words in a day. So I was reading more writer’s blogs/websites I still have a sick fascination with reading them. I see writers complaining “I need to write more! Woe is me!” Of course I would like to have more time to write, but I like the money better. Quotas, word counts, and generally being showy with my writing. I can’t do those kind of things. It makes me weird, obsessive and neurotic. I guess I’m weird because I think of writing as a personal and intimate thing.

Here is something I didn’t realize until recently. That keeping a journal is a hobby, and I’ve had that hobby for over 20 years on and off. 🤦‍♀️ I feel stupid not realizing it. Anyway I was looking up “pencil boards” or Shitajiki in Japanese. I saw some for sale on Amazon for like $6. Then I saw this youtube video.

So I happened to be at the dollar store today and saw they had those bowl covers. I figured they are only a dollar so it wasn’t much of a loss if they don’t work. After I thought about it I could have also used a cheap dollar store placemat if it was sturdy enough. I still haven’t used them yet.

Something else is bothering me. there is this blog entry that I had been working on before I got my job, but for some reason I can’t seem to finish it. I looked at it toady and I don’t know what is “wrong” with it and why I can’t finish it.

I saw this online: “At Taco Bell. A man walks in, describes another employee, says she’s his niece, and asks when she’ll be there. The cashier helpfully tells him ‘She’s in at 7!’

Don’t do this.

Tumblr user orion-rising:

Always be vague. Say I think they’re in today or not until later. If they press say it’s company policy not to give out the schedule. Most companies do have this and even if they don’t how would a stranger know. Don’t give out specifics, they can get people injured or even killed.

At my last job someone came up and asked when “Sarah” was working next. I didn’t tell him and then texted her a description, turns out he was an abusive ex who had been stalking her. Don’t do this shit please.”

People do this at the deli. They come looking for their “friends” and stuff. Right now I’m not much help anyway since I still don’t know all the people, but one time I did do this. Did I just inadvertently endanger a bunch of people? I feel so bad and stupid. 😣😑😖

Me: “Somebody came to the deli looking for Lita. I shouldn’t tell them anything right? What if they are trying to hurt or kill her.”

Coworker: “What the hell are you talking about?”

Me: “You know I read online that…”

Coworker: “Never mind just take those chickens out of the rotisserie.”

I did also freak out about my new backpack making me a target for school shootings.