So that Pokémon blog was the one I was teasing.

I was thinking about how Pokémon came out when I was in high school and how high school is a lot like this job at the deli. A lot of it was built on assumptions. And like with the deli I wanted to rage quit. Seriously I have no idea how I got through high school.

When I was watching Miraculous Ladybug I was thinking Hawk Moth should let some akuma butterflies loose in the deli. They would find somebody to inhabit in no time at all.

There were a lot of potential titles for this blog, but I thought “Little 34” was funny you know a reference to the song “Little 15”.

So after what happened yesterday I was really thinking of quitting.

I feel torn. I’d like to stay for the money but I wanna leave because I’m just getting screwed over. I mean I bet that’s why a lot of people quit. Like my deli senpai said. There must be something to this within reason. Why can’t they keep people? Or end up keeping the bad ones cause they are all that’s left. A mystery for the ages. Possibly.

I don’t know what is going on anymore. *shrugs*

I was so pissed I listened to “Everything Counts” before work.

When I get there they had me throw out the trash. There was so much trash. The good thing was that the other workers helped me with the cart with all the falling cardboard. Then I was asked what happened yesterday night because that trash was from yesterday night and nobody threw it out.

That one coworker likes to be the boss or something. (Please don’t treat me like your little sibling who works in the deli.) She likes to (deli-gate) delegate tasks. (“Deli-gate” was a potential blog title I rejected) I just do what they want me to, and I did that until I had to leave. I’m not sure what to say anymore. I’m not trying to cover for anyone or anything like that. I also don’t want to seem like I’m tattling or something. My lazy coworker just goes missing. (I didn’t mention this)

Part of me feels like I don’t wanna bother to put in the effort with my job. I mean I was before I was really putting a lot of effort into it. I actually cared.

I got put in bakery. I love bakery it’s serene. UoU Heard “Hey Leonardo” when I was working I was washing dishes and really rocking out to that song. Good thing I was alone and nobody saw me. I thought that was sort of an obscure song to play. I also heard “I Will Buy you a New Life”, the Friends theme song, and “Roll to Me”. They seem to play mostly late 90s and early 2000s modern rock.

When I’m in the deli I like to have my break in the storage closet. My coworkers think this is silly, but I like it in there maybe its an INFP thing.

I took a lunch instead of a break. I only got paid for 4 hours. 😑 XoX

And I realized I have tomorrow off. I haven’t had a Saturday off since I started the job there on August 16.