I thought it was gonna be crazy at the deli, but not how I’m imagined it. I figured that people would be angry and wanting a bunch of food for week one NFL games.

Today I decided to put 0% effort into my job. (I still hadn’t recovered from Thursday)

Then a lot of bad things kept happening. I couldn’t get the cheese slicer to start. I was cutting the meat “wrong”, and I used the wrong kind of bags.

A customer found a salad that was made wrong. My coworker shows it to me. They were like did you make this salad? Ugh! I’ve only made salads twice. On my first day there and the ones I was making. As I made these new salads I fantasized about Martin and I cruising down Route 66. Not sure who would be driving since neither of us know how to.

And we were out of a lot of cleaning supplies.

After I thought about it passive aggressive blogging solves nothing. It’s just that coworker is so annoying sometimes. I think they think I’m really incompetent or mentally ill or something.

I saw they had the Chargers game on in the break room. I ran into my deli senpai in the break room while having lunch. I didn’t even notice he was sitting at the table next to me. (shows how observant I am) He said “I didn’t want to bother you. You were in your own little world there.” His words not mine. 😅 Especially when I work long shifts Depeche Mode songs get me through the day; that and looking at pictures of Martin Gore in my phone. I wonder if he was there that day I was rocking out to “People are People” in the break room?

Then I heard “Enjoy the Silence” playing. Which I thought was kinda funny since I had been listening to part of “Violator” during my lunch. I sang it while making my way back to the deli. And I almost ran into that annoying sample lady. Seems like a fitting song to hear while almost running into her. I thought it was a sign or something.

When I took out the rotisserie chickens for the 3rd load. I sang “Enjoy the Silence” to them. I was really bored.

Earlier in the day I heard “Safety Dance”. This makes me think of when I was a baby and would not sleep through the night and my mom and I would watch music videos late at night together. She says they showed “Safety Dance” a lot. Even though it came out 2 years before I was born. Perhaps this is where I developed my penchant for watching music videos late at night?

At the end of our shift my coworker and I were helping to clean. Then I got this; “I know you are trying to help.” Yep little sibling. XoX

I really want to help the other workers who were going to end up closing the deli and having to clean up a big mess. I would want somebody to do it for me.

With me it’s more like *grumble grumble* thinking “Stupid coworkers left me all this trash to throw out.” And Possibly also frowning.

So one of my coworkers was having an emotional crisis. I wasn’t sure how to react to this. Another coworker was hugging and comforting them. When I got home and told my parents they were like “Why didn’t you say anything?”.  I wasn’t sure what to do and I didn’t want to be seen as a snitch or anything like that.