Before I had to leave for school I was trying to call work to ask when I should come in because I don’t get a time. I can’t get a hold of anybody. I ended up just calling the deli. Once I identified who I was then I got better treatment.

I didn’t even bring my writing supplies, so I could study at school before class. I saw a dog on the elevator. I let it sniff my hand. They said it liked me. Of course it would I smell like a deli now and I had bacon for breakfast.

In math class I decided to give my job 30% effort today.

I had my first quiz in class today, and I was somewhat unprepared for it. What else is new?

I though with the money from my job I could buy more stylish clothes. To wear where? I’m not sure. I wondered at work can they sense my apprehension. Am I too apprehensive? Or am I not asserting myself? This is all very new and confusing to me. I was trying to think of all the tasks I can do in the deli and how many can I do.

Then I thought about the bakery too.

Me falling asleep in math class in inevitable. I guess? *shrugs*

Then my bus was late and I didn’t have time to do anything when I got home. When I got there and saw who I was working with. I decided to give it 60%. I saw I was there with the B Team or even C Team.

I thought the deli was going to be crazy and bustling with people getting food for 1 or of 2 Monday Night games.

I think?

Those annoying sample people were there again. >o< This time it was the guy. Then he bought a lot of unseasoned chicken wings like $15 worth. He wouldn’t stop rambling when we were getting them for him. No, seriously please don’t talk so much. Although he doesn’t talk as much as the lady does. I guess that is a qualifier to be a sample person is to talk non stop.

My coworker who had the meltdown complained about yesterday. That somebody said something about what happened yesterday. It wasn’t me I hadn’t said anything (yet) I was just playing dumb about it.

So I told my boss about what happened yesterday. You know I have a hard time expressing myself verbally. Then he said “Are you talking about (name of coworker)?”. I said yes. He told me what I can do next time that happens. I was explaining something like that never happened to me before. That’s gone it’s out of my system. I feel somewhat relived.

Then the sample guy came back for about $30 more of unseasoned wings.

Then some angry customers came and were asking for what that sample guy was making at the deli. I said that he is not affiliated with the deli and I have no idea what he is making at his sample booth. I wasn’t sure what to say. They wear uniforms with the name of the store on them, but they are not “one of us”. They are independent contractors. They come from another company.

After I thought about it he must have bought between $45-$60 of unseasoned wings. (and those were just the ones I saw he bought during my shift)

So I met the new girl. She’s only been there 3 days. I can help her as best I can, but I don’t know much myself. Nobody has really trained me.

When I took my break which I decided not to have in the supply closet. I wanted to see if they were showing the football pregame.

When I got to the break room they were watching the news on another channel.

I had seen her earlier when I was helping the new girl with all the trash we were throwing out. I was just telling her that I take a math class and work shorter shifts on Mondays. She asked if I watch The Challenge tv show. She said she saw it and Wilbur. Who can resist Wilbur the pig? Petros? I asked if she’s watched it for a long time because Wilbur has been on the show for a while when he was a piglet now he is much bigger and older.

She heard “Safety Dance” and it freaked her out for some reason. I think she thought it was a phone ringtone or something. Then I listen closely. I tell her “It is the music they pump in here. They are playing that 80s song ‘Safety Dance’.” “Safety Dance” is my song! Although I didn’t mention that.

I pretty much usually leave at my assigned time. They asked the new girl if she wanted to stay overtime. She said “no” and then I saw her at the clock punching out before me.