I realized I forgot my headphones. So I couldn’t listen to my music. 😣 I had to go to the nearest store and buy some. I was going to buy some more anyway.

I was thinking about my deli senpai in math class. I’m bored in there so my mind wanders a lot. I was thinking about how he likes Hamtaro. I thought I’d draw a generic looking anime hamster. It ended up looking sort of pikachu-like. I also drew a very sad and crude looking patamon from memory. Like what other anime does he like? Monster Rancher? Yu-gi-oh? Beyblade? I also wondered if he likes other Japanese things like food and drinks or J-dramas. I just don’t wanna do anything stupid and feel things too intensely. Even if this is platonic.

I was just happy I didn’t fall asleep in class today. ^-^

I thought since now I have a job I can afford to have cool looking hair. Have I ever had cool hair? In my life? Ever? I’m gonna say “no”. Then I thought really hard about it and what was something I wanted to do with my hair since I was a teenager? Get it dyed pink. I think I can’t pull off pink hair like I thought I could as a teen. I’m thinking streaks or something. It’s just an idea now no commitments. My hair is in pretty good shape. I haven’t dyed it in like 10 years.

I realized I have another Saturday off. Yay! Maybe they are putting the new girls to work that day? Saturday is the worst day there then maybe Thursday and Sunday for 2nd worst. Mondays are usually sleepy.

At least my math book came today so I can study and do some homework. I manged to do 4 math problems out of 52. That is progress sort of? :/

I forgot about this old blog I wrote.