The day started off pretty mellow. Aside from having to load the the rotisserie with raw chickens.

Then this annoying old man comes to the deli and he kinda looks like Santa. Fat with a white beard and wearing red. He keeps bothering me, but doesn’t want to buy anything. Somebody asked for meat. So I had to take care of that. I’m trying to cut some meat on a slicer that is missing a piece. Surprisingly I got it to work. So I was happy about that. That old man kept bothering me again. I’m concentrating on cutting the meats. I need to count the slices. He didn’t even want anything. It’s not cute it’s not funny it’s just annoying. (I think he must have spent at least 2 hours in the store.)

I was told to go to the personnel office. I thought I was in trouble for snapping at somebody or trying to give out a lot of samples. Nope it’s time for me to take a test. I had a feeling it was coming up since Monday. Which means I’ve been there for approximately a month. I said I don’t have my notes. The manager told me just to take it and see. I thought I’ll try my best on it and if not just guess. What do I have to lose? The strange thing was there were like no deli specific questions. IDK. *shrugs* But I was so relived when I passed it. So I can’t get fired for failing the test. Then I wondered how many questions would you have to get right to pass. What percentage? I think that was the statistics class talking there.

When I got back I was told to unload the chickens. Then the wheel would not rotate. I told myself “I’m not burning myself a 3rd time on the rotisserie.” My old thought would have been to try and maneuver myself to get to the chickens. I had to unload them from the back. So I got in trouble for that. I had seen somebody else doing that. And I mentioned it. I know they think I’m stupid but I’m highly observant most of the time they just don’t notice it.

I took my break, and I almost ran into that annoying old man.

When I came back I saw they saved the job of loading chickens for me! I’m so lucky. I was pissed so I was singing “Work Hard” while I tired to maneuver those 50lb boxes of chicken. Because “Nothing comes easy, But a broken back”. I took it because I knew it would take a long time to load and my shift would be over in more time than the rest of my shift lasted.

I just wanted to throw out the old food. I like doing that because I’m usually not bothered while I do it.

I thought about my bossy coworker. I’m not sure if they are in a leadership type position or they just put themselves there.

When I was doing something for them in the freezer I snuck a peek at the time on my phone. I only had about 20 minutes left of my shift. I knew I was not gonna have time to complete what they wanted me to do with the frozen food. They have a poor gauge of time. They also didn’t bother to ask me when my shift ended.

I thought I could do and ask for more. But do I really want more? Probably not.