I was having a horrible morning before I even got to work. I thought it was a sign of things to come. I felt like Dave Grohl in that video for “Breakout”. All I needed was a Maverick and a trip to the drive-in.

When I get to the deli I see the fryer is not on. I thought it was strange it usually is. I was told to go to the bakery. I was basking at the thought of the serenity of it. When I get to the bakery I’m told the fryer is down. So they were baking some of the fried foods in the oven at the bakery. I wondered if the bread was going to taste like the foods they were baking in there. They tell me there is nothing for me to really do but wait for the rotisserie to be unloaded and throw out old food. I was told to unload it quickly and I would not be bothered much since there was no hot food to be sold since the fryer was broken.

As I started to do it I remembered what my deli senpai told me. To take my time so I won’t get burned. I also imagined my bossy coworker giving me “tips”. The ghost of shifts to come. They came to me in the form of something between a shoulder angel and ghost. Get out of my head! *screams* Then for some reason I started thinking about the song “Money for Nothing”.

One of the customers was talking to one of the coworkers about the Raiders. But they got the locations of the team wrong. They said Los Angeles, Oakland, Nevada (Las Vegas). They started out from Oakland. It was Oakland, Los Angeles, Oakland, Nevada (Las Vegas). My dad crammed a lot of Raiders facts into my head. I don’t flaunt my Raiders knowledge at work.

By the time the fryer was fixed my shift was half over.

Some of that food had been there since Tuesday. It was getting moldy and starting to smell. The deli is a hot stuffy place. Especially when they are running the rotisserie and fryer. Some of the salads were so old. They liquefied. Ew! Ok I have to say I was a little grossed out by it.

Then some guy was complaining to me about dogs being in the store. What can I do about that? I’m a lowly deli worker. Then I asked somebody else who worked there and they said all support dogs are allowed to do what they want in the store. I have got to get me one! (that is not a joke)

The sample guy was back, but luckily he had fruit.

They said corporate and management were complaining about the store throws out a lot of food. I can see. I throw out so much old food for them.

I get in trouble for leaving a cart out from my bossy coworker.

*facepalm* 🤦‍♀️

My mom asked me if I remembered the first time I met my deli senpai. I distinctly remember how we met. I remember I thought he was higher up since the supervisor left and he came after she left. I had no idea who most of these people were. It was my 3rd day there. He was walking around checking to see what we were doing. He noticed my shoes matched my shirt. Those were the only shoes I had at the time that were not dress shoes. I was throwing out old pizza. I dropped an old pizza I was throwing out on the floor. Or it might have broke/disintegrated in my hands. He was annoyed with me talking too long to throw out the old food. It was my first time doing it. (It took me a few tries before I got better at it) And I didn’t like him when we first met.