So when I get there they tell me we are short staffed again. When are we not short staffed on a weekend?

So they put me in the bakery I was just trying to help as best I could.

One of my coworkers got in trouble for being on her phone and got sent home and somebody else called out.

Then in was in the deli by myself. That was daunting. I hate working the front but being in there by myself was even scarier. I hate picking up the phone.

Saw my deli senpai, but we couldn’t talk because I was slicing meats for a customer. 😦

I was told to ask the boss to get me to stay there 3 more hours. There was no way I was going to stay there for 7 hours. I love the 4 hour shifts. They are short and I can take a lot of crap from people like I said before. I made arrangements to stay an extra hour. I had lots of other things to take care of.

Then somebody burned their arm and luckily I had just taken a cold drink from the fridge and we put the bottle on her burn. I was kinda proud of myself for thinking of that on my feet. 😁

So my bossy coworker had me move a big box of potatoes because she and I quote according to her “save her back for the night”. WTF!? That really irked me. I was grumbling in the freezer “Martin and Alan are right” (in reference to the song “Work Hard”) Like my back is not important? I really wanted to say something but I’m not sure how. That was a real jerkass move.

Then I was bored and singing “Ice Machine” in the freezer.

The last 2 hours were a killer. What’s worse is that I wanted to to do math homework than be there. And that is pretty bad.

The thing that really bothers me is that I still get treated like a submissive butt monkey scapegoat. When they find dumb mistakes they immediately assume I did them.

If the people who worked there bothered to use estimation and counting by breaking items into manageable groups. It’s like I’m in a bad educational math program. I miss you AIT. 😢 I mean I know I’m not a math wiz, but if they did that they could get the job done so much faster.

The worst part was I got nothing done at home and fell asleep when I got there.