After I thought about it my bossy coworker reminds me of somebody I used to know on the internet. But except I could just leave the website or get off the internet when they got annoying. I can’t just up and leave the deli.

Since I worked that extra hour yesterday I forgot my notes for my math class. And those were the important ones for the quiz I was going to take. XoX I figured I would try and wing it. Because why not? What else could I do?

I thought it was not because they feel threatened that I’m a better worker than they are because I’m not.

Then I was thinking about how my bossy coworker has a Jekyll and Hyde-ness about her. I wondered what her Myers-Briggs personality is. I’d say not an NF. ESTJ? Definitely not a feeler. ESTX? I think my deli senpai is an ISTJ like my mom is.

Maybe I need to harden like a metapod?

Totoro got pissed off again!

I fell asleep during the last 10 minutes of class. 😞

When I got to the deli.

I was told to get a chicken piece. The manager cuts it open and its all burned and dried out. He asked if I would eat it. So I guess they are cracking down on deli? Of course I would not want to eat the food here I know all the *whispers* deli secrets. Like the forged times on the foods and things like that. I know its science. The food dries out because there are heat lamps on them and the food is heated from the bottom of the case. I may look stupid and not know how to work stuff there and even occasionally mess stuff up, but I know a poorly run deli that sells ugly food people won’t buy when I see it. Oh yeah and we throw out a lot of food. I could tell you that from only working a month there.

They are also cracking down on cellphone usage and bad cleaning jobs.

Then I get in trouble for not taking a lunch yesterday. I don’t even understand how that happened. This job is confusing. XoX @o@ Whateves I’m not doing that again. If they are understaffed they are understaffed.

I run into some worker in the bathroom who was stressed that they didn’t pass their test. I don’t remember this person, but I guess I trained with them. They said they didn’t understand the questions. I don’t see what the problem is the test wasn’t even that hard. I’m more afraid of calculating standard deviations. I guess I had insight since a few of them were about communicating to the customers. The concepts were the same as a communications class. I guess there is some benefit to being a communications major.

I did do my darnest to clean up the deli. I was hoping my deli senpai would come to help, but he didn’t. I didn’t see him either. Perhaps he had the day off? Tomorrow I possibly endure a worse fate. Having to close with my bossy coworker.