Just think about Lamb Chop and that song.

I took my cool shoes out of storage not sure where I will wear them to or what outfits they go with, but I’ll think about it. I can buy myself new clothes. Found something I could give as a present to my deli senpai. But I am weary about it. (it’s not shoes)

I was checking the schedule to see who else was on it besides my bossy coworker and me. She tells me something like “We are closing the deli together.” All I can think is “Lovely!” In a sarcastic manner of course.

Then she has to take her lunch or break or something. I don’t know with her she always fudging the times. Go! Leave! Then she sees me and yells at me for not helping a customer. I was helping them my back was turned I was getting them a container. Stop patrolling the deli you are not a manager or anything or even my boss.

(I dropped some shrimp on the floor but she didn’t see that. I know if she did she would have made a big deal about it. )

After that happened I was so pissed I was mindlessly washing dishes while singing “Wrong”. And the fryer was leaking oil or something. I didn’t notice it since I was too into my dish washing, but somebody else did. Luckily she was not there to see that. The strange thing is that every time I want to muster up the courage to ask how to use the fryer there is a problem with it. Maybe that is a sign I’m not supposed to use it.

I played around in the deli. Ok played around might not be the right term. Somebody left a bunch of trash and labels laying around. So I read what they were and of they were not important I “destroyed the evidence”. I think I did a good job of pre-cleaning. I cleaned the slicers and the scales.

I think she was mad because I had her finish up the rotisserie chickens that were put in there incorrectly (which she did) I don’t know why she was so upset. There were like less than 8 to take out. (I did most of the work emptying it) I was helping with slicing meat for a customer. I thought I was doing well with the sliced meat. I opened it correctly in the tray and everything. Then she got mad at me for not giving a sliced meat sample correctly. Then she tells the customer “She’ll learn.” What the hell?

I put a whole tray of unsold wings in a big container. She got mad at me for that and made me put them in smaller containers. Who knows somebody might have wanted $14 of ranch flavored wings. So I had to make like 6 little containers of wings. They are gonna go through the containers really quickly by doing that. (just a stray observation) *shrugs*

All she ever does is give orders to me. By the end of the night I couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted me to turn off the lights. I muttered “Turn off the lights yourself!”

Too bad I didn’t run into my deli senpai.

When I came back from my meal she got mad because I was washing dishes, but the supervisor was there with us told me to do that.

Maybe next time I should have a tally of all the times she tells me I’m doing something wrong.