The Chrome update messed up neopets. 😦

I need to keep working I bought some Depeche Mode stuff off the internet early in the morning.

I had this weird dream about pulling out a diseased tooth from my mouth.

When I went to return the USB cable that didn’t work.


i feel like George Costanza and his bosco code.

On my way to the clock at work I realize I lost my name tag which is what we use to clock in with

What?! XoX @o@

My old tag was nice, but it was covered in chicken fat from unloading the rotisserie chickens. I’ll make sure not to lose this one. :/

When I get to the deli I immediately get yelled at. I hadn’t even started working yet. That’s a new one. I find that action disheartening.

So I got flustered and wrote the wrong time on the chicken and made it 1 hour ahead. It was supposed to say 5:30 instead of 6:30 I figured that if we forge food times all the time here what is one hour?

I come in all downtrodden, but when I see my deli senpai I perk right up.

I really didn’t care I was chatting with my deli senpai.

He told me he wanted a copy of the drawings. I really wanted to give him the originals. I like giving away my drawings. Like my writing they are very personal things. I can make him a collage of drawings.

Sometimes when I need a tiny break I go in the freezer and sing a few verses of “Ice Machine” while I peel ice off the flaps of the freezer. When the ice falls it makes a shattering sound. Which I enjoy hearing for some reason.

When it was my break I went looking for my deli senpai. I wanted to be sneaky about it, but I found him in the meat department. I spent my whole 15 minute break talking to him. We talked about anime, Japanese foodstuffs, meats, and going to college.


I got my Lupin characters mixed up XoX

He’s so funny!

When I got back from my break I was told to empty the trash cans. In one of the cans the trash was strangely heavy. So I thought I’d lighten it by putting some in another bag. Until I found there was a bunch of meat in it.

Somebody threw away a bunch of meat. (We are not supposed to do that) So I told the manager.


She said “grip” nobody says “grip” anymore that is like dated mid 90s slang.

Look I get it you were trained and I was not. Stop mentioning this at every available moment. She mentioned it to the other workers too.

I just wondered why they only bothered to train her out of the 3 people that came?


When I was cleaning I was singing a parody of “Waiting for the Night”. Singing “I’m waiting for my shift to end”.