So I made copies of the drawings for my deli senpai. When he saw them he said I should be an art major. I don’t want to say that I didn’t because I was afraid I was not good enough. Plus I have a problem with drawing real looking people. I can draw all the anime and cartoon looking people I like. He doesn’t even know I was self taught before I took formal art classes in high school. I should tell him, but I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging.

I told him if he goes to my school and takes a speech class to take it with my former speech teacher. I warned him that he has to like goofy professors. I sand to tell him he knows me and that I recommended the class. I don’t wanna sound like I’m a big person on campus there. But I’m pretty sure he remembers me.

After I clocked in I ran into him again. I said we are platonic. I noticed he wears a wedding band. Just because I look like my mind is off somewhere doesn’t mean I actually am most of the time. I think I noticed that the first or second time I saw him. I think he knows I’m a bit awkward it the way I try and speak. But he understood what I was trying to say. So I was relived.

My shift was not too bad at the deli.

My coworkers who didn’t know my age guessed I was 19. Wow! Nineteen years old. That is shaving a lot of years off my age. Well it helps with my naivety and this being my first real job. I can get away on looks alone sometimes.

I got a complement from one of my coworkers that I’m good at throwing out old food; that I can do it quickly. My secret is grouping like items. Once I made my own system and if I can use it without being bothered by other coworkers while doing it. I can do it very fast.

They can start rumors about us if they want. I don’t care and I hope he doesn’t either. He seems like the type that is not easily shaken. He has to be if he worked in the deli for some time. And you have to be somewhat mentally strong to work in the deli.

My other coworkers do like when we help clean. It means less work for them.