So mine would be either something like “Um..ok?” or some variation of that form. Or “I don’t know…”. You know if I keep saying that too much I’m going to get slimed.

My Depeche Mode CD came in a few days after I ordered it. That was what that Prime subscription I paid was for. I think the next CD I’ll get will be the “101” live double album. I got “The Singles 81>85”. I’m so old I remember when this re-release came out in the late 90s. I wanted this CD because it’s got “It’s Called a Heart” on it. I don’t care what the other fans say I love that song. I sing it in the shower a lot and sometimes even at work. I wonder if I met Martin Gore and told him I really love that song if he would think I’m crazy or something.

I’m not sure why I get Saturdays off now. That is the busiest day there. Maybe I couldn’t cut the mustard? XD I won’t question it. I like it! I just wanted to get caught up with somethings at home.