I was upset about my situation at work. Then I thought about that K-drama Love Truly/Really Really Like You. (spoilers ahead so don’t read this part if you don’t want them)


Anyway I thought about how Bong Soon was a country bumpkin who didn’t even know how to use a toilet. Most of the other characters thought she was inept because she was from the country. But she could do things like peel a potato with a spoon. And she had that rival chef who ruined her duck. And she didn’t know how to use the internet. I remember the scene when she asks her little sister how to use it. I thought about that I need to ask about how to use the stuff at work.

I just wasn’t feelin’ it today at work. I was dreading of what would await me at my shift. Also I should not have eaten a bunch of jerky before going to work.

I tried to sneak into the deli without my bossy coworker hearing me. At least she didn’t yell at me. She was busy so then I went to take care of a customer in the front. I feel they are trying to keep me stupid there as a form of oppression or something. I know that sounds weird, but I’m not paranoid in this case.

Saw my deli senpai, but we didn’t chat. 😦 (I wonder if the likes K or J dramas?) 🤔

Cheese bothers me I can never get the slicer for the cheese to work. 😓🧀 I knew my bossy coworker was going to be annoyed with me slicing the cheese wrong. I offered to see if she would take over. I was curious to see the results. I wasn’t trying to be a smart ass or anything. If you want to do everything “yourself” then go ahead. I’m really not stopping you. Fine! You take care of your “regulars”. My hours are so inconsistent I have no idea who anybody is who is not an employee.

The scale broke again. If you are so good why can’t you fix the scale?

I feel like I’m some bad kind of drama show; like an asadora or a K-drama  or something. When I was unloading the rotisserie I was thinking about this.

Maim yourself at the deli I really don’t care.

Is this some kind of badge of deli honor I’m not aware of?

The supply closet is full so I can’t have my breaks in there until they clear it out. I really enjoyed having breaks in there. 😦

Whenever I need a mini break I go in the freezer. I think I was singing “Puppets” in there. A coworker caught me, but didn’t say anything. Sometimes I just need a few seconds of alone time. (not sure if they heard me singing)

They finally had the MLP Cutie Mark Crew toys at the McDonald’s. So I got one. I got a Fluttershy toy. I’m going to ask tomorrow if they have a different pony. Anybody who is not Fluttershy.