For some reason I felt like wearing my MLP barrettes. I bought them a few years ago, but never wore them much.

I took a quiz and I really tried to study this time.

When I was taking the quiz I was thinking about the deli and sort of distracted by those thoughts. But I didn’t think about shirtless members of Depeche Mode so that is an improvement? I guess?

I was proud of my self that I did not fall asleep in class today. So that was an accomplishment…sort of. 😕

I found the “!” button on my calculator. I think it did something I don’t know/remember. The last time I used that button was in high school. I think we touched on statistics. I think I did in pre-calculus too. I asked my teacher about it but he wouldn’t tell me much. 😓

For some reason I really wanted cookies after class.

After I thought about it was like that Berenstain Bears cartoon about Mighty Milton who Too Tall focused on what he couldn’t do than what he could do. And that’s how I feel about the deli.

My dad is upset because I can’t stay home tomorrow and watch the Thursday Night Football game with him. (I have to go to the deli)