I was thinking about how people like to post deceleration photos on facebook and stuff like that and that I thought it was a good idea. (It doesn’t even need to be real to some degree.) My mom thinks I’m crazy. She doesn’t know how much people get caught up in their appearance and the appearance of others. Sometimes all you need is a good photo and some type of internet declaration. Or make a video announcement. That kind of stuff can fool a lot of people young and old. (I still need to buy a few more items) But I have been spending my money on Depeche Mode merchandise. So I have not been buying that other kind of stuff.

I went to where I work to shop for trail mix when I heard my boss’ voice. Then I’m trying to nonchalantly chase my boss around the store while I was shopping there. (I was not on the clock) I wanted to ask about changing my hours. My mom met one of my supervisors, but not my boss.

Later at work there was this lady (a customer) who gave me a complement on my work in the deli. My first time and I’ve been there for over a month. ^-^ I’ll take what I can get. That lady was really happy to get that chicken.

So my bossy coworker was bragging about how customers as for her by name. And that a district manager said she was doing a good job. And that she brings her “A game”. I had to hold my by laughter when she said that. (she probably thinks I bring my “F game”. Wait that sounds strangely perverted.) I do bring game, but it’s B or C at best.

It made me think of this Blue Star Ointment commercial for some reason.

My bossy coworker is staring to be nice to me for some reason. This has happened to me before. I feel suspicious.

I got 2 more McDonald’s MLP Happy Meal characters. I got Spike and Rainbow Dash. Now I have 4 of them.