So I was going through some of my old diaries from high school that were not from 1998. I find myself getting retrospective about my life recently. I’m not sure because I’m getting older or what. But like I keep saying I haven’t changed much.

During my junior year of high school I had an obsession with Lovely White and Lovely Sky. They were really popular with a lot people at the school. They are Korean stationery characters from Orange Story and Morning Glory respectively. I just loved the cute artwork and Engrish sayings on them. They were so popular in 2000/2001. The thing I liked about these notebooks was that you could fill out your class schedule in them. On the inside front cover. On the inside back cover you could write a little message.











(I found a lot of these pics on Pinterest.)

So I wrote these messages to myself. These 2 were inane.

this one is circa November 2000

joyfulwhitemessage 001

this one is circa December 2000

sportywhitemessage 001 - Copy

This last one I got from a girl at school who wrote it on a post it note. She was cool and listened to 80s music; like Josie Cotton. (this one is circa May 2001)

cherrymessage 001 - Copy

These ones were written in a different non-Korean character stationary diary. They are obviously from 2002 from the date on them. They are referenced in this old blogger entry.

dedication 001 - Copy

skaterrock 001 - Copy