So instead of blogging about the inane happenings of the deli I work at. I thought I’d just write about some stray observations. Also because I fell asleep after work yesterday.

And I posted a blog I have been working on for a while since I got a job. I was working on it little by little. I hope you enjoy it.

And I counted it twice on my fingers. The end of the 3 month probation period would be in November. I really don’t wanna work on Thanksgiving day. But I would be a little sad if I had to miss the dog show. I’ve seen every one since 2001.

I still think my job is a bad fit.  So I don’t like to talk much and I really don’t like people much. Extroverts love retail jobs. I also don’t want to be involved in store gossip. Is that a bad thing?

When I was watching the music video for “Enjoy the Silence”. My mom said that song sounded familiar and it was the music my old cousin listens to. I had sort of been waiting for one of my parents to notice I was listening to really old music. Anyway I won’t watch that music video as much anymore. I have plenty of others to watch.