He was working in the meat department. When I went there to throw out some old meat. I saw there was somebody there. There are flaps on the freezer that are transparent, but fogged up I can see a person in there, but not very well. At first I was waiting politely. It was taking a long time, so then I started to yell. Then I saw it was him.

I saw that customer again with the circa 2003 Martin Gore hair style.

Later he came by the deli. I asked it he was on break or lunch. He said he was on lunch. I figured if I went to lunch at the same time as him I would not have to unload the rotisserie. So I hurried up. I wanted another My Little Pony toy, but they only had the ones I already have. So I got a Bacon McDouble instead.

When I met him in the break room, he was amazed at the Bacon Mcdouble. He didn’t know McDonads sold a burger with bacon in it. I hadn’t eaten it yet and I opened it to show him. He told me he can eat a 20 piece McNuggets by himself. The 6 piece is enough for me especially when I get it with fries or in a happy meal.

I was explaining the Sailor Moon Drops game to him. About how the events work. He wanted to know why I don’t use any of those Sailor Moon Drops wallpapers from the game.

He asked what other mobile games I play. I said I can’t play too many mobile games becuase I would not have enough time to play them. I showed him the Chibi Maruko Chan. The only reason I really play that one is because the scarcity of Chibi Maruko Chan related things in the west. I have a bunch of Chibi Maruko Chan pics I’ve been hoarding on my computer for a blog I never finished. He thinks he saw Chibi Maruko Chan before. It ran on local tv for many years. After I jogged his memory he remembered Samurai Pizza Cats too.

I also saw a guy with a ska shirt. You hardly see people wear those anymore. So I had to complement him on it.