Chicken from the Future — September 20, 2018

Chicken from the Future

The Chrome update messed up neopets. 😦

I need to keep working I bought some Depeche Mode stuff off the internet early in the morning.

I had this weird dream about pulling out a diseased tooth from my mouth.

When I went to return the USB cable that didn’t work.


i feel like George Costanza and his bosco code.

On my way to the clock at work I realize I lost my name tag which is what we use to clock in with

What?! XoX @o@

My old tag was nice, but it was covered in chicken fat from unloading the rotisserie chickens. I’ll make sure not to lose this one. :/

When I get to the deli I immediately get yelled at. I hadn’t even started working yet. That’s a new one. I find that action disheartening.

So I got flustered and wrote the wrong time on the chicken and made it 1 hour ahead. It was supposed to say 5:30 instead of 6:30 I figured that if we forge food times all the time here what is one hour?

I come in all downtrodden, but when I see my deli senpai I perk right up.

I really didn’t care I was chatting with my deli senpai.

He told me he wanted a copy of the drawings. I really wanted to give him the originals. I like giving away my drawings. Like my writing they are very personal things. I can make him a collage of drawings.

Sometimes when I need a tiny break I go in the freezer and sing a few verses of “Ice Machine” while I peel ice off the flaps of the freezer. When the ice falls it makes a shattering sound. Which I enjoy hearing for some reason.

When it was my break I went looking for my deli senpai. I wanted to be sneaky about it, but I found him in the meat department. I spent my whole 15 minute break talking to him. We talked about anime, Japanese foodstuffs, meats, and going to college.


I got my Lupin characters mixed up XoX

He’s so funny!

When I got back from my break I was told to empty the trash cans. In one of the cans the trash was strangely heavy. So I thought I’d lighten it by putting some in another bag. Until I found there was a bunch of meat in it.

Somebody threw away a bunch of meat. (We are not supposed to do that) So I told the manager.


She said “grip” nobody says “grip” anymore that is like dated mid 90s slang.

Look I get it you were trained and I was not. Stop mentioning this at every available moment. She mentioned it to the other workers too.

I just wondered why they only bothered to train her out of the 3 people that came?


When I was cleaning I was singing a parody of “Waiting for the Night”. Singing “I’m waiting for my shift to end”.

Very Feelings Much INFP —

Very Feelings Much INFP

So I was thinking about this meme.


I’m going insane. Or something. I can just uh… feel it.

Maybe I’m being too sensitive. As I silently weep while writing with my Totoro pen in my diary that has a picture of Martin Gore on it while listening to “Little 15”.

I found out the USB cable I bought for my phone is the wrong type and I have to return it. 😢

Then I imagined my bossy coworker coming to my statistics class telling me I’m doing the problems wrong. She can’t tell me that. That’s the teacher’s job. Then I wondered if she even knows statistics. I got a bad grade on my quiz and it wasn’t worth the extra hour of money I made in exchange for it. But like I said I’m not doing that again. I just need to study more.

I found out the school said I still owed them fees that I paid a month ago because the person who processed them never put who paid them and I got in trouble for it. My mom thinks I’m acting like Sue Heck. I’ll say Sue with a bit of Christine from Night Court mixed in. They were both always so cheerful.

So I spent time hypothesizing this. What is the “problem” with me and the deli. Was that I was not trained properly and she thinks she’s better than me because I was not. Am I coming off as too apprehensive and sensitive? No self confidence? When I should be spending my time getting caught up on my math homework.

If my coworker wants to single-handedly save/run the deli herself. Then so be it. I’m hoping what happened to that annoying person from the internet happens to her. They self implode through their own doing.

I mean I’ve really been considering quitting again. I still could really use the money. It is nice to go to a store and not think “I only have $2 to spend here.” My parents don’t understand why I’ve been so tight with the money I’m earning or at least most of it. Because I’m worried about quitting or getting fired.

The Shift that Doesn’t End — September 18, 2018

The Shift that Doesn’t End

Just think about Lamb Chop and that song.

I took my cool shoes out of storage not sure where I will wear them to or what outfits they go with, but I’ll think about it. I can buy myself new clothes. Found something I could give as a present to my deli senpai. But I am weary about it. (it’s not shoes)

I was checking the schedule to see who else was on it besides my bossy coworker and me. She tells me something like “We are closing the deli together.” All I can think is “Lovely!” In a sarcastic manner of course.

Then she has to take her lunch or break or something. I don’t know with her she always fudging the times. Go! Leave! Then she sees me and yells at me for not helping a customer. I was helping them my back was turned I was getting them a container. Stop patrolling the deli you are not a manager or anything or even my boss.

(I dropped some shrimp on the floor but she didn’t see that. I know if she did she would have made a big deal about it. )

After that happened I was so pissed I was mindlessly washing dishes while singing “Wrong”. And the fryer was leaking oil or something. I didn’t notice it since I was too into my dish washing, but somebody else did. Luckily she was not there to see that. The strange thing is that every time I want to muster up the courage to ask how to use the fryer there is a problem with it. Maybe that is a sign I’m not supposed to use it.

I played around in the deli. Ok played around might not be the right term. Somebody left a bunch of trash and labels laying around. So I read what they were and of they were not important I “destroyed the evidence”. I think I did a good job of pre-cleaning. I cleaned the slicers and the scales.

I think she was mad because I had her finish up the rotisserie chickens that were put in there incorrectly (which she did) I don’t know why she was so upset. There were like less than 8 to take out. (I did most of the work emptying it) I was helping with slicing meat for a customer. I thought I was doing well with the sliced meat. I opened it correctly in the tray and everything. Then she got mad at me for not giving a sliced meat sample correctly. Then she tells the customer “She’ll learn.” What the hell?

I put a whole tray of unsold wings in a big container. She got mad at me for that and made me put them in smaller containers. Who knows somebody might have wanted $14 of ranch flavored wings. So I had to make like 6 little containers of wings. They are gonna go through the containers really quickly by doing that. (just a stray observation) *shrugs*

All she ever does is give orders to me. By the end of the night I couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted me to turn off the lights. I muttered “Turn off the lights yourself!”

Too bad I didn’t run into my deli senpai.

When I came back from my meal she got mad because I was washing dishes, but the supervisor was there with us told me to do that.

Maybe next time I should have a tally of all the times she tells me I’m doing something wrong.

The Jokes on Me XoX — September 17, 2018

The Jokes on Me XoX

After I thought about it my bossy coworker reminds me of somebody I used to know on the internet. But except I could just leave the website or get off the internet when they got annoying. I can’t just up and leave the deli.

Since I worked that extra hour yesterday I forgot my notes for my math class. And those were the important ones for the quiz I was going to take. XoX I figured I would try and wing it. Because why not? What else could I do?

I thought it was not because they feel threatened that I’m a better worker than they are because I’m not.

Then I was thinking about how my bossy coworker has a Jekyll and Hyde-ness about her. I wondered what her Myers-Briggs personality is. I’d say not an NF. ESTJ? Definitely not a feeler. ESTX? I think my deli senpai is an ISTJ like my mom is.

Maybe I need to harden like a metapod?

Totoro got pissed off again!

I fell asleep during the last 10 minutes of class. 😞

When I got to the deli.

I was told to get a chicken piece. The manager cuts it open and its all burned and dried out. He asked if I would eat it. So I guess they are cracking down on deli? Of course I would not want to eat the food here I know all the *whispers* deli secrets. Like the forged times on the foods and things like that. I know its science. The food dries out because there are heat lamps on them and the food is heated from the bottom of the case. I may look stupid and not know how to work stuff there and even occasionally mess stuff up, but I know a poorly run deli that sells ugly food people won’t buy when I see it. Oh yeah and we throw out a lot of food. I could tell you that from only working a month there.

They are also cracking down on cellphone usage and bad cleaning jobs.

Then I get in trouble for not taking a lunch yesterday. I don’t even understand how that happened. This job is confusing. XoX @o@ Whateves I’m not doing that again. If they are understaffed they are understaffed.

I run into some worker in the bathroom who was stressed that they didn’t pass their test. I don’t remember this person, but I guess I trained with them. They said they didn’t understand the questions. I don’t see what the problem is the test wasn’t even that hard. I’m more afraid of calculating standard deviations. I guess I had insight since a few of them were about communicating to the customers. The concepts were the same as a communications class. I guess there is some benefit to being a communications major.

I did do my darnest to clean up the deli. I was hoping my deli senpai would come to help, but he didn’t. I didn’t see him either. Perhaps he had the day off? Tomorrow I possibly endure a worse fate. Having to close with my bossy coworker.

What’s one More Hour? — September 16, 2018

What’s one More Hour?

So when I get there they tell me we are short staffed again. When are we not short staffed on a weekend?

So they put me in the bakery I was just trying to help as best I could.

One of my coworkers got in trouble for being on her phone and got sent home and somebody else called out.

Then in was in the deli by myself. That was daunting. I hate working the front but being in there by myself was even scarier. I hate picking up the phone.

Saw my deli senpai, but we couldn’t talk because I was slicing meats for a customer. 😦

I was told to ask the boss to get me to stay there 3 more hours. There was no way I was going to stay there for 7 hours. I love the 4 hour shifts. They are short and I can take a lot of crap from people like I said before. I made arrangements to stay an extra hour. I had lots of other things to take care of.

Then somebody burned their arm and luckily I had just taken a cold drink from the fridge and we put the bottle on her burn. I was kinda proud of myself for thinking of that on my feet. 😁

So my bossy coworker had me move a big box of potatoes because she and I quote according to her “save her back for the night”. WTF!? That really irked me. I was grumbling in the freezer “Martin and Alan are right” (in reference to the song “Work Hard”) Like my back is not important? I really wanted to say something but I’m not sure how. That was a real jerkass move.

Then I was bored and singing “Ice Machine” in the freezer.

The last 2 hours were a killer. What’s worse is that I wanted to to do math homework than be there. And that is pretty bad.

The thing that really bothers me is that I still get treated like a submissive butt monkey scapegoat. When they find dumb mistakes they immediately assume I did them.

If the people who worked there bothered to use estimation and counting by breaking items into manageable groups. It’s like I’m in a bad educational math program. I miss you AIT. 😢 I mean I know I’m not a math wiz, but if they did that they could get the job done so much faster.

The worst part was I got nothing done at home and fell asleep when I got there.

Deftones or Depeche Mode? — September 15, 2018

Deftones or Depeche Mode?

So today I went to the mall. The first place I went to was the Hot Topic to see if they had any Depeche Mode shirts. When I ask the girl thought I said Deftones. 😲 What? Did I mispronounce the name of the band or something? I love that song “Change in the house of Fly on the Windscreen”. “I watched you change, Death is everywhere” Seriously somebody should mash up those songs. Oh forget it! I’ll just order the shirt online or something.

Then I went to the Best Buy to get some printer ink. Which was the 2nd most important item to get. Luckily I got that and they were playing “Simple Kind of Life” in the store.

I went to look for a purse at the Macy’s I thought I could find something on clearance. But I had spent most of my money on printer ink. I have to say a lot of people who work in the deli and bakery have nice expensive purses.

I wanted to get some clothes but there was nothing there I really liked.

I told myself I was going to buy one impulse item. I was hoping it would be the shirt but that didn’t happen. So I chose to get these Pikachu writing utensils. A pen and a pencil. The one that looks like a pikachu has 2 colors of ink; red and black and you click on the ear to choose. It was so cute I had to get it.

20180915_155153 - Copy

I bought some Japanese melon soda that comes in an aluminum bottle. And it really does look like beer, but it is a soft drink. The melon flavor is so hard to find. I can splurge on a few Japanese sodas now. For the price of 1 I could buy a 6 pack of Mountain Dew bottles. But Mountain Dew is so common even if I do like it.

Later I went to Five Below for the first time. There was a lot if nice stuff there. Its like a trendier dollar store. But I had to get some candy when I saw they had Squirrel Nut Zippers candy. My 14 year old self told me to buy them and I haven’t had any in a while. Remember when I mentioned them in a blog? I also got some Goetze’s caramels because I was craving those. They sell Japanese snack foods there too so I got some koala cookies. I’m disappointed they don’t sell those where I work. 😟 I’d share a box of them with my deli senpai if they did sell them there.

Is There Something To Do? — September 14, 2018

Is There Something To Do?

I was having a horrible morning before I even got to work. I thought it was a sign of things to come. I felt like Dave Grohl in that video for “Breakout”. All I needed was a Maverick and a trip to the drive-in.

When I get to the deli I see the fryer is not on. I thought it was strange it usually is. I was told to go to the bakery. I was basking at the thought of the serenity of it. When I get to the bakery I’m told the fryer is down. So they were baking some of the fried foods in the oven at the bakery. I wondered if the bread was going to taste like the foods they were baking in there. They tell me there is nothing for me to really do but wait for the rotisserie to be unloaded and throw out old food. I was told to unload it quickly and I would not be bothered much since there was no hot food to be sold since the fryer was broken.

As I started to do it I remembered what my deli senpai told me. To take my time so I won’t get burned. I also imagined my bossy coworker giving me “tips”. The ghost of shifts to come. They came to me in the form of something between a shoulder angel and ghost. Get out of my head! *screams* Then for some reason I started thinking about the song “Money for Nothing”.

One of the customers was talking to one of the coworkers about the Raiders. But they got the locations of the team wrong. They said Los Angeles, Oakland, Nevada (Las Vegas). They started out from Oakland. It was Oakland, Los Angeles, Oakland, Nevada (Las Vegas). My dad crammed a lot of Raiders facts into my head. I don’t flaunt my Raiders knowledge at work.

By the time the fryer was fixed my shift was half over.

Some of that food had been there since Tuesday. It was getting moldy and starting to smell. The deli is a hot stuffy place. Especially when they are running the rotisserie and fryer. Some of the salads were so old. They liquefied. Ew! Ok I have to say I was a little grossed out by it.

Then some guy was complaining to me about dogs being in the store. What can I do about that? I’m a lowly deli worker. Then I asked somebody else who worked there and they said all support dogs are allowed to do what they want in the store. I have got to get me one! (that is not a joke)

The sample guy was back, but luckily he had fruit.

They said corporate and management were complaining about the store throws out a lot of food. I can see. I throw out so much old food for them.

I get in trouble for leaving a cart out from my bossy coworker.

*facepalm* 🤦‍♀️

My mom asked me if I remembered the first time I met my deli senpai. I distinctly remember how we met. I remember I thought he was higher up since the supervisor left and he came after she left. I had no idea who most of these people were. It was my 3rd day there. He was walking around checking to see what we were doing. He noticed my shoes matched my shirt. Those were the only shoes I had at the time that were not dress shoes. I was throwing out old pizza. I dropped an old pizza I was throwing out on the floor. Or it might have broke/disintegrated in my hands. He was annoyed with me talking too long to throw out the old food. It was my first time doing it. (It took me a few tries before I got better at it) And I didn’t like him when we first met.

Wild Ass Guessing — September 13, 2018

Wild Ass Guessing

The day started off pretty mellow. Aside from having to load the the rotisserie with raw chickens.

Then this annoying old man comes to the deli and he kinda looks like Santa. Fat with a white beard and wearing red. He keeps bothering me, but doesn’t want to buy anything. Somebody asked for meat. So I had to take care of that. I’m trying to cut some meat on a slicer that is missing a piece. Surprisingly I got it to work. So I was happy about that. That old man kept bothering me again. I’m concentrating on cutting the meats. I need to count the slices. He didn’t even want anything. It’s not cute it’s not funny it’s just annoying. (I think he must have spent at least 2 hours in the store.)

I was told to go to the personnel office. I thought I was in trouble for snapping at somebody or trying to give out a lot of samples. Nope it’s time for me to take a test. I had a feeling it was coming up since Monday. Which means I’ve been there for approximately a month. I said I don’t have my notes. The manager told me just to take it and see. I thought I’ll try my best on it and if not just guess. What do I have to lose? The strange thing was there were like no deli specific questions. IDK. *shrugs* But I was so relived when I passed it. So I can’t get fired for failing the test. Then I wondered how many questions would you have to get right to pass. What percentage? I think that was the statistics class talking there.

When I got back I was told to unload the chickens. Then the wheel would not rotate. I told myself “I’m not burning myself a 3rd time on the rotisserie.” My old thought would have been to try and maneuver myself to get to the chickens. I had to unload them from the back. So I got in trouble for that. I had seen somebody else doing that. And I mentioned it. I know they think I’m stupid but I’m highly observant most of the time they just don’t notice it.

I took my break, and I almost ran into that annoying old man.

When I came back I saw they saved the job of loading chickens for me! I’m so lucky. I was pissed so I was singing “Work Hard” while I tired to maneuver those 50lb boxes of chicken. Because “Nothing comes easy, But a broken back”. I took it because I knew it would take a long time to load and my shift would be over in more time than the rest of my shift lasted.

I just wanted to throw out the old food. I like doing that because I’m usually not bothered while I do it.

I thought about my bossy coworker. I’m not sure if they are in a leadership type position or they just put themselves there.

When I was doing something for them in the freezer I snuck a peek at the time on my phone. I only had about 20 minutes left of my shift. I knew I was not gonna have time to complete what they wanted me to do with the frozen food. They have a poor gauge of time. They also didn’t bother to ask me when my shift ended.

I thought I could do and ask for more. But do I really want more? Probably not.

Little Souvenir of a Terrible Year —

Little Souvenir of a Terrible Year

It was 10 years ago today that I met Shirley Manson. That was pretty much the last good thing that happened to me that year. By December of that year my life was in shambles. When somebody tells you something is going to be temporary for a few months don’t listen to them EVER!

But looking back on that I’m pretty proud of myself for pulling something like this off even though I got in trouble for it.


Listen to This — September 12, 2018

Listen to This

I realized I forgot my headphones. So I couldn’t listen to my music. 😣 I had to go to the nearest store and buy some. I was going to buy some more anyway.

I was thinking about my deli senpai in math class. I’m bored in there so my mind wanders a lot. I was thinking about how he likes Hamtaro. I thought I’d draw a generic looking anime hamster. It ended up looking sort of pikachu-like. I also drew a very sad and crude looking patamon from memory. Like what other anime does he like? Monster Rancher? Yu-gi-oh? Beyblade? I also wondered if he likes other Japanese things like food and drinks or J-dramas. I just don’t wanna do anything stupid and feel things too intensely. Even if this is platonic.

I was just happy I didn’t fall asleep in class today. ^-^

I thought since now I have a job I can afford to have cool looking hair. Have I ever had cool hair? In my life? Ever? I’m gonna say “no”. Then I thought really hard about it and what was something I wanted to do with my hair since I was a teenager? Get it dyed pink. I think I can’t pull off pink hair like I thought I could as a teen. I’m thinking streaks or something. It’s just an idea now no commitments. My hair is in pretty good shape. I haven’t dyed it in like 10 years.

I realized I have another Saturday off. Yay! Maybe they are putting the new girls to work that day? Saturday is the worst day there then maybe Thursday and Sunday for 2nd worst. Mondays are usually sleepy.

At least my math book came today so I can study and do some homework. I manged to do 4 math problems out of 52. That is progress sort of? :/

I forgot about this old blog I wrote.