Notice Me Deli Senpai — September 11, 2018

Notice Me Deli Senpai

When I came into work they were playing “Safety Dance” again. I thought “‘Safety Dance’ again! I’ve heard it 3 days in a row.”

But I think my hours finally got adjusted for my math class.

When I get to the deli they are all in a frenzy for an order somebody got the date wrong on. It’s not my fault somebody wrote the wrong date on the order form. I don’t even know how to take orders from customers. So I was stuck doing the grunt work throwing out all the deli trash which was from yesterday and from the order they were making. It took me 2 trips!

Then I had to load the rotisserie because everybody else was too “busy” to do it. And I had to lift the 50lb boxes of raw chicken. After I took care of that I was at the bakery. Baking bread and bagging bread is so much more relaxing. 😌😊

Then I get told I need to go back to the deli to unload the rotisserie again! 😠 No don’t make me go back to the deli! The bakery is so mellow. 😌

The problem with the rotisserie is that when you take the chickens out you have to do it in the front where all the hot food is that we sell for some reason. But then you can never finish it because people are bothering you for hot foods and sliced meats and cheeses. So of course that happens to me. XoX Why wouldn’t it? It always does. Not to mention the boxes we sell the chickens in came all warped and defective. They don’t even close properly. So I have to fight with those which adds another problem.

I used up all the chickens the last time I loaded it so now I have to get 2 more 50 lb boxes of chickens to fill it up with. I try to use gravity to help but sometimes it doesn’t. Then I get told from a supervisor that I need to put a 3rd kind of chicken on the rack.

Why do they keep giving me conflicting instructions? 😠

I get told to cram them in there. All the chickens won’t fit on the rack. The 3rd kind is bigger and takes up more space than the other 2 they are double the size of it. If you over load the rack it will fall off because of the weight.

So I snapped back at her. I mean usually I take it. I’m their submissive butt monkey. Maybe I need to wear a shirt that says “submissive” on it like the one Martin Gore used to wear.


It doesn’t need to have a sexual connotation.

Whateves if I get asked about it I’ll just say I was having an off day or something. Nothing bad nothing crazy. More like apathy I’d say.

Anyway I needed a well deserved break after that.

When I got back from my break I went back to the bakery they made me wash dishes for a while, but I didn’t mind I was not in the deli. I was like “Come on play ‘Enjoy the Silence’ again!” They played like 2 Wallflowers songs in a row. The music mix they pump in there is strange. :/ My deli senpai came to the bakery to stock stuff. I can recognize his voice now. He didn’t see me because I was in the back washing dishes. I wanted to hurry up to talk to him, but by the time I finished was gone. 😓

If I calculated the time correctly the rotisserie would not need to be unloaded and possibly reloaded until after my shift. XD

I enjoy short 4 hour shifts. I can take a lot more crap from a lot more people when I know I’m going to be there for a short time.

The B or C Team — September 10, 2018

The B or C Team

Before I had to leave for school I was trying to call work to ask when I should come in because I don’t get a time. I can’t get a hold of anybody. I ended up just calling the deli. Once I identified who I was then I got better treatment.

I didn’t even bring my writing supplies, so I could study at school before class. I saw a dog on the elevator. I let it sniff my hand. They said it liked me. Of course it would I smell like a deli now and I had bacon for breakfast.

In math class I decided to give my job 30% effort today.

I had my first quiz in class today, and I was somewhat unprepared for it. What else is new?

I though with the money from my job I could buy more stylish clothes. To wear where? I’m not sure. I wondered at work can they sense my apprehension. Am I too apprehensive? Or am I not asserting myself? This is all very new and confusing to me. I was trying to think of all the tasks I can do in the deli and how many can I do.

Then I thought about the bakery too.

Me falling asleep in math class in inevitable. I guess? *shrugs*

Then my bus was late and I didn’t have time to do anything when I got home. When I got there and saw who I was working with. I decided to give it 60%. I saw I was there with the B Team or even C Team.

I thought the deli was going to be crazy and bustling with people getting food for 1 or of 2 Monday Night games.

I think?

Those annoying sample people were there again. >o< This time it was the guy. Then he bought a lot of unseasoned chicken wings like $15 worth. He wouldn’t stop rambling when we were getting them for him. No, seriously please don’t talk so much. Although he doesn’t talk as much as the lady does. I guess that is a qualifier to be a sample person is to talk non stop.

My coworker who had the meltdown complained about yesterday. That somebody said something about what happened yesterday. It wasn’t me I hadn’t said anything (yet) I was just playing dumb about it.

So I told my boss about what happened yesterday. You know I have a hard time expressing myself verbally. Then he said “Are you talking about (name of coworker)?”. I said yes. He told me what I can do next time that happens. I was explaining something like that never happened to me before. That’s gone it’s out of my system. I feel somewhat relived.

Then the sample guy came back for about $30 more of unseasoned wings.

Then some angry customers came and were asking for what that sample guy was making at the deli. I said that he is not affiliated with the deli and I have no idea what he is making at his sample booth. I wasn’t sure what to say. They wear uniforms with the name of the store on them, but they are not “one of us”. They are independent contractors. They come from another company.

After I thought about it he must have bought between $45-$60 of unseasoned wings. (and those were just the ones I saw he bought during my shift)

So I met the new girl. She’s only been there 3 days. I can help her as best I can, but I don’t know much myself. Nobody has really trained me.

When I took my break which I decided not to have in the supply closet. I wanted to see if they were showing the football pregame.

When I got to the break room they were watching the news on another channel.

I had seen her earlier when I was helping the new girl with all the trash we were throwing out. I was just telling her that I take a math class and work shorter shifts on Mondays. She asked if I watch The Challenge tv show. She said she saw it and Wilbur. Who can resist Wilbur the pig? Petros? I asked if she’s watched it for a long time because Wilbur has been on the show for a while when he was a piglet now he is much bigger and older.

She heard “Safety Dance” and it freaked her out for some reason. I think she thought it was a phone ringtone or something. Then I listen closely. I tell her “It is the music they pump in here. They are playing that 80s song ‘Safety Dance’.” “Safety Dance” is my song! Although I didn’t mention that.

I pretty much usually leave at my assigned time. They asked the new girl if she wanted to stay overtime. She said “no” and then I saw her at the clock punching out before me.

0% All Around — September 9, 2018

0% All Around

I thought it was gonna be crazy at the deli, but not how I’m imagined it. I figured that people would be angry and wanting a bunch of food for week one NFL games.

Today I decided to put 0% effort into my job. (I still hadn’t recovered from Thursday)

Then a lot of bad things kept happening. I couldn’t get the cheese slicer to start. I was cutting the meat “wrong”, and I used the wrong kind of bags.

A customer found a salad that was made wrong. My coworker shows it to me. They were like did you make this salad? Ugh! I’ve only made salads twice. On my first day there and the ones I was making. As I made these new salads I fantasized about Martin and I cruising down Route 66. Not sure who would be driving since neither of us know how to.

And we were out of a lot of cleaning supplies.

After I thought about it passive aggressive blogging solves nothing. It’s just that coworker is so annoying sometimes. I think they think I’m really incompetent or mentally ill or something.

I saw they had the Chargers game on in the break room. I ran into my deli senpai in the break room while having lunch. I didn’t even notice he was sitting at the table next to me. (shows how observant I am) He said “I didn’t want to bother you. You were in your own little world there.” His words not mine. 😅 Especially when I work long shifts Depeche Mode songs get me through the day; that and looking at pictures of Martin Gore in my phone. I wonder if he was there that day I was rocking out to “People are People” in the break room?

Then I heard “Enjoy the Silence” playing. Which I thought was kinda funny since I had been listening to part of “Violator” during my lunch. I sang it while making my way back to the deli. And I almost ran into that annoying sample lady. Seems like a fitting song to hear while almost running into her. I thought it was a sign or something.

When I took out the rotisserie chickens for the 3rd load. I sang “Enjoy the Silence” to them. I was really bored.

Earlier in the day I heard “Safety Dance”. This makes me think of when I was a baby and would not sleep through the night and my mom and I would watch music videos late at night together. She says they showed “Safety Dance” a lot. Even though it came out 2 years before I was born. Perhaps this is where I developed my penchant for watching music videos late at night?

At the end of our shift my coworker and I were helping to clean. Then I got this; “I know you are trying to help.” Yep little sibling. XoX

I really want to help the other workers who were going to end up closing the deli and having to clean up a big mess. I would want somebody to do it for me.

With me it’s more like *grumble grumble* thinking “Stupid coworkers left me all this trash to throw out.” And Possibly also frowning.

So one of my coworkers was having an emotional crisis. I wasn’t sure how to react to this. Another coworker was hugging and comforting them. When I got home and told my parents they were like “Why didn’t you say anything?”.  I wasn’t sure what to do and I didn’t want to be seen as a snitch or anything like that.

Even More Songs 1988 — September 8, 2018

Even More Songs 1988

“Dancing Under a Latin Moon – Candi/ Candi and the Backbeat

“Just Got Paid” – Johnny Kemp

“Trouble – Nia Peeples

“Nite and Day” – Al B Sure!

Cuddly Toy – Roachford

Not to be confused with the Monkees song.

“Radio Romance” – Tiffany

“Cult of Personality” – Living Colour

I don’t really listen to metal, but I like this song. I liked this song before CM Punk was using it as his entrance song.

“Big Fun” – Inner City

“The Great Commandment” – Camouflage

“Orange Crush” – R.E.M.

Little 34 — September 7, 2018

Little 34

So that Pokémon blog was the one I was teasing.

I was thinking about how Pokémon came out when I was in high school and how high school is a lot like this job at the deli. A lot of it was built on assumptions. And like with the deli I wanted to rage quit. Seriously I have no idea how I got through high school.

When I was watching Miraculous Ladybug I was thinking Hawk Moth should let some akuma butterflies loose in the deli. They would find somebody to inhabit in no time at all.

There were a lot of potential titles for this blog, but I thought “Little 34” was funny you know a reference to the song “Little 15”.

So after what happened yesterday I was really thinking of quitting.

I feel torn. I’d like to stay for the money but I wanna leave because I’m just getting screwed over. I mean I bet that’s why a lot of people quit. Like my deli senpai said. There must be something to this within reason. Why can’t they keep people? Or end up keeping the bad ones cause they are all that’s left. A mystery for the ages. Possibly.

I don’t know what is going on anymore. *shrugs*

I was so pissed I listened to “Everything Counts” before work.

When I get there they had me throw out the trash. There was so much trash. The good thing was that the other workers helped me with the cart with all the falling cardboard. Then I was asked what happened yesterday night because that trash was from yesterday night and nobody threw it out.

That one coworker likes to be the boss or something. (Please don’t treat me like your little sibling who works in the deli.) She likes to (deli-gate) delegate tasks. (“Deli-gate” was a potential blog title I rejected) I just do what they want me to, and I did that until I had to leave. I’m not sure what to say anymore. I’m not trying to cover for anyone or anything like that. I also don’t want to seem like I’m tattling or something. My lazy coworker just goes missing. (I didn’t mention this)

Part of me feels like I don’t wanna bother to put in the effort with my job. I mean I was before I was really putting a lot of effort into it. I actually cared.

I got put in bakery. I love bakery it’s serene. UoU Heard “Hey Leonardo” when I was working I was washing dishes and really rocking out to that song. Good thing I was alone and nobody saw me. I thought that was sort of an obscure song to play. I also heard “I Will Buy you a New Life”, the Friends theme song, and “Roll to Me”. They seem to play mostly late 90s and early 2000s modern rock.

When I’m in the deli I like to have my break in the storage closet. My coworkers think this is silly, but I like it in there maybe its an INFP thing.

I took a lunch instead of a break. I only got paid for 4 hours. 😑 XoX

And I realized I have tomorrow off. I haven’t had a Saturday off since I started the job there on August 16.

The Problem with Pokemon —

The Problem with Pokemon

I had first heard about Pokémon was on KROQ of all places. There was a radio ad for the video game and show. They said that the pikachu car was going to be at some location.


Where you could find the car and could play the game and to watch Pokémon at 7AM September 7th on KCOP. So I decided to check it out. It premiered on Labor Day of 1998. The first episode I saw was the “Battle Aboard the St. Anne”. When my mom and I watched we didn’t understand it. When we first saw pikachu we did not know what it was. We thought it might be a rabbit or a cat. But my favorite part was when Ash ran into Team Rocket in disguises and kept saying “cool!” And Jessie says “rad” and the 3 kids question if anybody talks like that anymore.



There were only 41 episodes shown in syndication. I didn’t even bother writing about watching the first episode in my diary. I was more concerned with my first day of high school.

The problem with Pokémon at first was that nobody at the school was really into it besides one of my friends, the guy with the lanyard, and some guy from my health science class who used recite the Team Rocket motto. It was ok to like it as a freshman in high school because we were young and seen as “childish” by our upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) they used to like to pretend they were so sophisticated.

pikachukeeper 001

pikachukeeper 002

pikachukeeper 003

kfcpokemon1 001 - Copy

kfcpokemon2 001 - Copy

kfcpokemon3 001 - Copy



The other problem with Pokémon was that the adults didn’t really understand it or why it was popular. Good luck trying to explain it to them. It was like that scene of that South Park episode Chinpokomon when Stan’s parents try to watch the show. It was like we spoke a different language the adults didn’t understand. The kids at school would ask which channel you watched it on first; KCOP 13 (syndicated) or KTLA 5 (Kids’ WB). Of course I had watched Pokémon since day 1 on KCOP.


(a screen shot of charmander from the opening theme with a KCOP station ID)


(a screen shot from the episode “Island of the Giant Pokemon” with a KCOP UPN 13 watermark)

I was the one who told my younger cousins about the show. I was unintentionally trendy. This one girl at school used to think Brock was latino. Kids’ WB started showing Pokémon on February 13 1999.



Here is some of my early Pokémon fanart.

first pikachu drawing
math folder pikachu
Misty 1998

Can I have Some Potatoes with a Side of Annoying? — September 6, 2018

Can I have Some Potatoes with a Side of Annoying?

Everybody at the deli seemed to be in a mood today. Ok mostly the customers.

We ran out of a lot of food and people kept asking for the food we were out of. Sometimes it’s hard to know what is going on when you get there. I’m not somebody who takes the initiative at work. Only because the deli usually has so many things going on at once. I like to ask what to do since you usually don’t do the same thing every day.

The deli was really bustling for a Thursday night for some reason? Was it because of the football? The sample/food demo people are annoying. They use the deli like it is just theirs to use. Using our sinks and fridges.

I forgot my lunch so I had to buy some food in the deli. I only bought $1.50 worth of food. I figured that was less than 10 minutes of work so I was ok with it. The food I bought was ok. I guess. *shrugs*

My bossy coworker is annoying me. What do you want to be the queen of the deli or something? I don’t know if she is trying to out do me and the other worker who came with me at the same time. Look I understand you got trained, but you don’t have to be a know-it-all. Maybe I’m having a hard time asserting myself there? This deli is most likely no place for an INFP. Should I go cry quietly in the corner? Nobody really trained me. My experience could be described as “baptism as fire”. I still have no idea how to work some of the things or where things are or even how things are done. There is a lot to learn there and I’m not going to try and gulp it all down. Plus they keep giving me the jobs nobody else wants to do. So that is something? Right?

Also people need to speak up when they want something and I’m there in the front. Don’t clear your throat or something.

There was some lady who wanted chicken. And she was so bitchy towards me. I was so ready to spit in that lady’s chicken.

I was this close from rage quitting tonight. Luckily I only worked a short shift.

I’m gonna put a teaser for my blog tomorrow which is the special one I’ve been talking about.

Don’t Ask Me — September 5, 2018

Don’t Ask Me

I’m still not sleeping much.

I saw Sailor Moon Drops returned the human Luna event. This was the first event character I ever got in the game. I think she came out around New Years 2017. The character is not very effective, but sentimental to me.

Screenshot_2018-09-05-16-16-27 - Copy

I’m still getting shitty reception in the math building. How do other people get reception?

Some girl came up to me and asked if she did the homework correctly. I don’t know really. I’m really not the person you should be asking. Her work looked better than mine. 😲

Class was so boring today! I didn’t fall asleep, but my mind was just wandering.

When the teacher was looking at random data the class was helping him find the numbers and they were saying which columns the numbers were and it made me think of game show Now You See it.

I was bored with about 30 minutes left in class. I really wish there was a little break during the class period. I don’t know like 5-10 minutes or something not too long of a break. It make the class seem to drag on even more. And it’s a math class of all things; not a particularly interesting subject to me.

I noticed one of the benches at the bus stop is missing. Now there are only 3.

It seems that my rotisserie burn is healing. I just need to be careful with the rotisserie chickens at work.

After I thought about it I was reminded of some annoying guy at the last college I went to who annoyed me in the library with math questions and begging for homework answers. 😡

I found some old myspace archive blogs mentioning this.

I tried the microwave bowl cover thing and it worked pretty well. I think I need to trim them down a little and I might want to decorate them a bit I don’t know.

Rant and Vent — September 4, 2018

Rant and Vent

So I haven’t written a blog like this in a long time. So long I really can’t remember.

I gonna come out and say this I think monthly writing challenges are dumb. I know a lot of people swear by them and they are great motivation (for them). But sometimes they make people overly snooty acting like they saved the world or something because they wrote 9000 words in a day. So I was reading more writer’s blogs/websites I still have a sick fascination with reading them. I see writers complaining “I need to write more! Woe is me!” Of course I would like to have more time to write, but I like the money better. Quotas, word counts, and generally being showy with my writing. I can’t do those kind of things. It makes me weird, obsessive and neurotic. I guess I’m weird because I think of writing as a personal and intimate thing.

Here is something I didn’t realize until recently. That keeping a journal is a hobby, and I’ve had that hobby for over 20 years on and off. 🤦‍♀️ I feel stupid not realizing it. Anyway I was looking up “pencil boards” or Shitajiki in Japanese. I saw some for sale on Amazon for like $6. Then I saw this youtube video.

So I happened to be at the dollar store today and saw they had those bowl covers. I figured they are only a dollar so it wasn’t much of a loss if they don’t work. After I thought about it I could have also used a cheap dollar store placemat if it was sturdy enough. I still haven’t used them yet.

Something else is bothering me. there is this blog entry that I had been working on before I got my job, but for some reason I can’t seem to finish it. I looked at it toady and I don’t know what is “wrong” with it and why I can’t finish it.

I saw this online: “At Taco Bell. A man walks in, describes another employee, says she’s his niece, and asks when she’ll be there. The cashier helpfully tells him ‘She’s in at 7!’

Don’t do this.

Tumblr user orion-rising:

Always be vague. Say I think they’re in today or not until later. If they press say it’s company policy not to give out the schedule. Most companies do have this and even if they don’t how would a stranger know. Don’t give out specifics, they can get people injured or even killed.

At my last job someone came up and asked when “Sarah” was working next. I didn’t tell him and then texted her a description, turns out he was an abusive ex who had been stalking her. Don’t do this shit please.”

People do this at the deli. They come looking for their “friends” and stuff. Right now I’m not much help anyway since I still don’t know all the people, but one time I did do this. Did I just inadvertently endanger a bunch of people? I feel so bad and stupid. 😣😑😖

Me: “Somebody came to the deli looking for Lita. I shouldn’t tell them anything right? What if they are trying to hurt or kill her.”

Coworker: “What the hell are you talking about?”

Me: “You know I read online that…”

Coworker: “Never mind just take those chickens out of the rotisserie.”

I did also freak out about my new backpack making me a target for school shootings.

1998 Songs (I can’t think of a creative title for this one) — September 3, 2018

1998 Songs (I can’t think of a creative title for this one)

I’m back here posting some more songs from 1998.

“Tropicalia” – Beck

“The Boy is Mine” – Brandy and Monica
It seemed like everybody at school loved this song. I like it too.

Ghetto Supastar – Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Mya
I can’t listen to the song “Islands in the Stream” anymore

“The First Night” – Monica

Intergalactic – Beastie Boys

“Jumper” – Third Eye Blind

“Losing a Whole Year” – Third Eye Blind

“Left For Dead” – Voodoo Glow Skulls
This music video was a staple on Are-oh-vee in 1998 and on the Punk-o-Rama tv show.

“I Throw my toys Around” – No Doubt and Elvis Costello
A song from the Rugrats the movie soundtrack. It was re-released on their album “Everything in Time”.

“Jump Right In” – The Urge