Kidsclick is already on reruns of season 2 of Miraculous Ladybug. Really? 🤦‍♀️🤔

When I get to work the task board said “(my name) load and unload rotisserie”. I knew it was gonna be a fun day.

Since that rotisserie is all they seem to care about all they want me to do is get them out of the machine quickly. Which puts extra stress on me. Because according to them I’m not doing it fast enough. But when I do it too fast I mess up and stuff. What do they want?! >o<

They don’t understand why sales plummet at dinner time there. I can easily tell you what your problem is you are understaffed at dinner time. That’s why your sales plummet.

I was happily throwing out old food I even snuck in an earbud and listened to “A Broken Frame” while I did it. Nothing like listening to “See You” while throwing out an old salad. I get told to go to the front. I’m there by myself. (I hate working the front even when my coworkers are there. It’s terrifying.) I’m overwhelmed by customers. A bunch of people there angrily frowning and scowling at me. Demanding their chickens, wanting sandwich orders, hot food, and sliced meats and cheeses.

I thought it wouldn’t be too bad I only had about 15 minutes left in my shift. I could just you know ride it out.

Then this guy comes and is mad there are no potato wedges which I had just sold the last of maybe like 10 minutes or so before he got there. He kept demanding for potato wedges and taunting me about them. Saying things like “(my name) why aren’t there any potato wedges?” but in a sassy taunting fashion like a little kid on the playground. By this point I lose it. I say “I’m here by myself.” And that the fryer is closed. Which is not a lie they like to close it at around 6 PM or so. It’s not like I can use it anyway I don’t know how to. He demands that I go make him some. Then he threatens to go get a manager which I say “Go ahead. I don’t care!” He was being such a dick at this point and I was going to get in trouble it was well worth it.

Your outfit alone is a cry for help. A sequined skull top with leopard pajama pants black socks and slide sandals. The lady he was with looked like somebody out of an 1980s music video or a parody of a 1980s music video.

I was gonna help and go find a manager for him. Just further along the process. At this point even if my job was on the line I would have gladly taken a firing.

I thought the guy was going to act so traumatized they were going to have to wrap him in a blanket or something. (special snowflake syndrome) He kept demanding for camera footage. Saying that I was yelling and making a scene. His argument was such bull that he is such a loyal customer there and all this shit. All I asked for was that I got to say my side of the story which was that I don’t know how to use the fryer and that he was sassing me.

He was the one who started it. I just want to say I know you are on a power trip or whatever the fuck was going on in your tiny pea sized brain of yours and bet you feel like a big powerful man because you are obliviously feeling powerless in some other aspect in your life and took it out on me and the potatoes because why not include the potatoes?

Your performance was so great you deserve an Oscar for that acting. *slow clap*

I didn’t really care at that point and the manager who talked to me could have fired me on the spot and I would have said would have been an enthusiastic “Thank You”. Possibly even hugging. The manager tells me that she gets threats about her life all the time. I was really thinking “This is dangerous I don’t want to work here anymore”. After that talk or whatever that was. I quickly clocked out and left.

After I thought about it I felt like I was in a bad Donald Duck cartoon. It was like that cartoon Bellboy Donald. When I first worked there I thought about that cartoon. It’s been on my mind for a while.

Well at least I went for about 2 months without losing my cool so that to account for something at least possibly.