I’m writing a blog that does not have some type of Depeche Mode song title in it. But it’s a Whodini song. When I came up with the title I got all nostalgic for Whodini who were really popular when I was in junior high. Well there was that breakdance resurgence at my school in 1998 when I was a freshman in high school.

I didn’t post a blog 2 days ago, but nothing really interesting happened in math class. The only thing was I realized that I’ve been at my job for 2 months if you include orientation. And I learned something about coin manipulation in math class. Which made sense to me because I watch a lot of Penn and Teller Fool Us.

So when I was shopping at the store I work at I ran into my boss. I introduced him to my mom. He asked if I was coming in later which I was for my shift. Later she complained to me that I was very socially awkward in that situation. She hasn’t seen me at work.

I’m gonna go cry in a corner of the deli while writing poetry and listening to Depeche Mode songs. It made me think of the song “Sometimes”.

Some guy wanted only big and well done chicken tenders for his “mother”. Then he complained about the container I put them in and thought I was charging him for the bigger container.

Somebody got sick and had to go home so my deli senpai had to come and help. When we had our lunch together I told him what happened and to act surprised. When I came back he was there helping in the deli.

Another lady complained that the rotisserie chickens looked “burned” and if I could sell her one that was not “burned”. They were not even finished cooking. (Look lady either buy a “burned” chicken or not). If I remember correctly she’s come here before to complain about the “burned” chickens.

We worked hard and he even had me clean the slicer parts. Those haven’t been cleaned in a while. Well in at least a month when he had me clean it the last time.

I told him I get the strangest customers on Thursdays. His theory is that it’s those people’s shopping day.

But we did finish 20 minutes early.

I was so tired I fell asleep and forgot to post this blog yesterday. 😴