Ok, so I did it. I pulled the plug so to say and quit my job.

I got a hold of the supervisor who told me yesterday that deli is understaffed at night. When I said that was one of (the many) reasons I was quitting she said it wasn’t. That wasn’t what you told me 12 hours ago. I said it was not the job for me. I was sort of at a loss for words. I really wanted to say something cool and witty, but then I didn’t want to be known as the person who quit and said that dumb thing. Remember when (my name) quit her job at the deli and said “(some dumb quote or saying)”? I imagined the workers laughing at me.

But I did endure it for like a little over 2 months. So I’m proud of myself for that. I was aiming for 6 months at first; then 3; then I was taking it day by day. And I do have 2 months of deli experience let’s see where that will take me.

I’m so happy! I feel liberated.

But it made me wonder “Who’s going to take out the rotisserie chickens today?”

After I did that I really wanted to just eat some candy and listen to some Depeche Mode songs.

I need to look for another job, but in the meantime I can do all the stuff I hoped to do like get some writing done.

The deli is a place for sentinel types and not diplomat types. The thing I didn’t like was that I could not find a secluded place to recharge. (this is not about drugs) I didn’t like to have to be constantly “on” for the job.

I don’t know if I had a “favorite” part of the job, but throwing out the old food was something I didn’t mind. And the people watching was good as long as they didn’t want to mindlessly chatter with me or become too demanding. Working the front was terrifying and the rotisserie chickens were the bane of my existence there.

I think the other workers could sense I was a little “off”. Taking breaks in the supply closet when it was empty, having “freezer time”, singing to the rotisserie chickens, or that one time I was really rocking out to “People are People” in the break room. I think I was hitting the table imitating how they strike the battleship in the music video.