My last pay check was overnighted to me and sent to my house today. Wow! that was really fast. I thought I was going to have to wait a week or something. They cut ties with me rather quickly.

I was just happy I was not working at my old job tying to push convenience foods for the people wanting to watch the World Series or slicing meats and cheeses for them. I got to watch the game in peace. Ok not so much with my dad passionately watching it, but still better than getting stressed out in the deli over chicken or something.

I was feeling superstitious and thought I should spill some expensive Japanese soda. The last time I spilled some they won a game during the last World Series. I drank my cheap $1 Pocas soda. Which I think is a knockoff soda or something.

And the Dodgers lost their first game of this World Series. ūüė≠

I knew I needed more Japanese soda!