When I’m stressed out I either eat too much or too little. I noticed my clothes are feeling a little tighter. I’m not getting a workout from lifting 50lb boxes of raw chicken anymore and chucking around meat chubs.

I bought more cheap Japanese sodas. I can’t afford the expensive ones anymore.

On the ride to school I was stuck in the back of a stuffy bus. Opened a window. But I will close it if the driver gets mad. I forgot Halloween is in a week from today.

I made up a new challenge for the month of November “go at your own pace month”. Write or draw as little or as much as you want. People get stressed out about these monthly challenges and whatnot. So this one is “no pressure”.

When I got my quiz back it was 1 point higher than I predicted. It was still a bad score, but better than I estimated.

The teacher was making a reference to an old gum commercial in class. And I thought I remembered it because I’m old. It made me feel nostalgic and want to watch it.

When I went to the bathroom. I didn’t notice that there was no paper in the stall. Then I thought a lot of my “bad luck” is usually me not paying attention to things. If I had checked the stall before doing my “toilet business” in there I would have noticed the lack of toilet paper.

I was thinking about the deli. They hired 5 people very close together in time, and so far only kept 2 of them. It’s a good thing they did not waste time training me! XD

It does not look very good for the Dodgers they already lost 2 games.

I ended up finding the commercial on youtube.

Then I remembered a school project I used Winterfresh gum for. You had to make an animal cell out of food, so I used chewed gum. It was pretty easy to work with. And the teacher said different flavors of gum counted as different foods. So half of my project was made out of chewed gum. Winterfresh and Strawberry flavored gum. I think I used a cut orange for the nucleus. It was some kind of citrus fruit.