That sounds like the name of a stationary character or the title of an anime.

Wedding Peach is sort of similar to Angel’s Friends with the devil and angel theme. Although it predates Angel’s Friends by many years.

When I was watching Classic Concentration it made me think about when I used to watch it during my month long vacations when I went to year round school. That and Cesar’s Challenge.

I found out the McRib is back just when I’m jobless. 😭

I found this article about 1998 rock songs. I do dislike when they fudge the years a bit. 😡

I was going to post a blog yesterday. But I ended up watching that Long ass World Series game 3. I kept telling myself I would do things after the game was over. Including posting a blog on Friday night. But since it ended at 12:30 AM Pacific time. I didn’t.

I did apply for a few jobs and rewrite my resume. Why did my non-supervisor coworkers get mad that I moved too slow? Besides my bossy coworker and my deli senpai. The person who did it the most who moved pretty slow themselves. They were slow too. What is the point? Then I wondered if I should give this next job my all? Because I feel I should not. I did to my last job and I saw where that got me. Could I sue my old job for ptsd? I could be like a lot of people at my old job and many other jobs a lackadaisical slackass. I’m really trying to zero in on my problems.

Here are what I think they are I could be wrong. I was too expressive looking sad/worried and all that good stuff. My eyes can be a little too expressive sometimes. I needed to be stone or poker faced or vapidly smiling. And that I didn’t talk enough. I think chatty people get hired more, although they might just hire the person just to get them to stop talking. It’s not that I don’t talk. I’m just selective about what I say. I don’t want people all up in my business or mindlessly chatter with someone. (most of the time with the mindless chatter) I talk here in the blog. I’m more eloquent as a writer than verbally anyway.

I thought that the Depeche Mode music helped me to come to terms with that immensely. A little? I’m not sure how much. I can’t say it didn’t help to some degree.

What was I doing? Who was I trying to impress? Those hobbyists? Some people who don’t even know what their goals are collectively and what defines who and what they are. There is just a lot of infighting between them. The funny thing is that now they are complaining about the infighting. When I wanted to join you a few years ago. I could see what was broken and even outsiders can too. They were the only ones who could not see it because they were/are so narrow minded.

I took some time to write some Halloween stuff. It was refreshing even if what I was writing was not that “good”.

My mom asked me if I had touched my math homework. Said I did more of it that if was still working at the deli.

The Dodgers won game 3 but lost game 4 things are looking pretty bleak.