I noticed that continually washing my hair after a shift at the deli has wrecked my scalp and now I can’t afford fancy shampoo to remedy it.

I got a complement on my backpack. I’ll take it. ^-^

But I did not fall asleep in class so that was good. ^-^

I don’t care what anybody says a math test on Halloween is scary. Well it is to me. I want to be comfortable so I won’t be wearing a costume or anything like that to class. The less I have to fuss with the better. If you are wearing uncomfortable things you can’t concentrate on the test you are talking.

The drop date is coming up. So “Meh”, just “meh”. Maybe if I still had my job at the deli I would consider dropping the class, but not now.

After I thought about it I’d watch a 7 plus hour post season Angel game all the way through, but nobody else besides them or the Dodgers and the opposing team.

I found this silly article about Halloween candy.


Smarties? They taste like chalk. My dad likes them. (he is also Capricorn)

Later I was replying to something about Depeche Mode online and my mom didn’t get what I thought was so funny. And that what I was doing was cult-like or something. It’s just something I like to do for fun. I just like to hypothesize different scenarios about them with other fans. My mom doesn’t get it. (I do it with other things I like too) When I first started listening to them and reading stuff fans wrote online about them I was worried I had inadvertently joined a cult. Excuse me while I go listen to “Sacred”.