That is a Halloween math joke. A statistics joke.

I didn’t want to wear a costume to school because I didn’t want to fuss with it. I wore my Halloween shirt again. I couldn’t find my pumpkin hair accessories. 😞

I was planning to keep an eye out for people dressed in costumes.

I did some homework while watching Let’s Make a Deal. It was the Halloween episode. Although it was played with families this year. Nowadays they always wear costumes on that show.

I heard on the radio that today is the Red Sox victory parade. I imagined somebody’s costume being a sad Dodger fan.

I had some homework to finish up so I went to the tutoring room. When I get there I was trying to be sneaky I saw there were not a lot of people in there. I was looking around and sat and the emptiest table I could find. Then I realized they were sitting at the table at the opposite corner of me and then they scooted over to where I was. All I really wanted to do was a get the last few problems done. I think I had about 3 left. I just wanted to finish up my work and listen to some music. They wanted me to help explain the problems. I’m not really the person who should be explaining the homework to you. Except the one problem I actually understood. They were also hurriedly doing their homework so I didn’t feel so bad. I saw something yellow run by. I wasn’t sure what it was. I thought it was somebody in a pikachu costume. I was talking to those 2 girls, so I was trying to look at them and not what was running past us. Then I saw it was somebody in a giraffe kigurumi costume skipping by. I’m pretty sure that was the yellow thing I saw run by. They asked if I was doing well in the class. I said “No” I have nothing to hide here. They asked if I was going to drop it. I was not going to. My plan was to stay at the deli and quit math, but instead I quit the deli and stayed in math. (I didn’t tell them about the deli) One of the girls remembered when I said that I failed College Algebra twice. They asked about what happened. I ended up dropping it twice just one time a little more sooner than the other. I got a “W” twice. But I was in bad shape when I dropped it both times. They were talking about taking trigonometry. I’m not touching that. I failed trig in high school twice! I’m not sure if I can take that class. I don’t wanna take a class that is beyond my math ability.

The test was hard and that was scary.

I saw some somebody drew a graph on the board and it said “normal distribution” under that there was a drawing of a ghost and it said “paranormal distribution”. I thought it was kinda funny for a math joke. It made me wonder who wrote/drew it? The teacher? Or someone else?

I didn’t see many people in costumes at school. And some of the people I was not sure if they were wearing a costume or just an eccentric outfit. There was some annoying girl taking a bunch of selfies in the bathroom in the mirror closest to the door.

I didn’t see many people waiting for the bus in costumes on the ride home.

And I don’t need to write Halloween stories in October. I can write them any time of the year. I wrote one this year in March. Just cause you know I feel like it.

I watched some Halloween Home Improvement episodes. Some kids came to my house. Which was funny because there were no porch lights on and we didn’t put up decorations this year. Luckily it was only 2 and nobody came after they did. We did have candy for them.