INFPs R Dum — November 30, 2018


I feel I have the right to make fun of them since I am one.

I saw the Miraculous Ladybug Christmas episode. Boy was that a strange episode. I really didn’t like that it was a musical. It was just ok.

I’m just really upset I’m back where I started with no job and failing a math class.

I know what I need! A battle plan. *points* A good strategist never gives away all their secrets.

After I thought about it do I really want to return to that same store? Then they say look who decided to come back or something like that. You know I can come back form outer space. There could be more bad blood there than a Taylor Swift song.

I should have never used the “u” word; “understaffed”. They will deny that at all costs even though that is the glaring problem. Me pointing that out was a bad idea. Either because I was too stupid or didn’t know better.

World Was More Accurate — November 29, 2018

World Was More Accurate

When I was a freshman in high school I took a geography class, and the books were from 1989. They were so outdated that anything I had learned from watching Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Even though it had been cancelled 3 years before I started high school (in 1995) it was still more accurate than the book. I didn’t even read it much I would just go by what I had learned from the show. The problem was that people knew that I was smart so they would steal and copy my homework and quizzes without my consent. It was a really boring class and I used to doodle comics in there.

The Furthest You’ll Go? — November 28, 2018

The Furthest You’ll Go?

My job search is not going very well. There’s just a bunch of broken websites. They are frustrating the hell out of me.

I was watching videos about enneagam type 4 and being rejected by their parents. Well just one with my dad and my cousin. He is the golden child.

Now I’m feeling really bad and stupid about quitting my job at the deli. And now I’m seeing the repercussions of it at home.

Saw somebody on the bus with nice boots. Patent leather Docs in a maroon color.

I didn’t see any squirrels today.

The teacher said if you cannot memorize all these formulas you are not cut out for college. I don’t know if I can’t memorize all those formulas am I really not cut out for college? How did I make it this far? I have no idea. Really.

Maybe I could be like Frenchie from Grease with a musical number containing things about math and delis.

I got an email about a fasfa. Should I even bother filling one out? Maybe just in case. I really don’t wanna go back for another semester.

The Goldbergs was so funny when the dad said he hates the Dodgers and when he drank Slim fast with his meals.


Seemingly the Best Years of Your Life — November 27, 2018

Seemingly the Best Years of Your Life

Older people like to tell you high school is “the best years of your life”. And that you have to find your calling as a freshman. I thought it was going to be yearbook, but I had to drop the class because I didn’t want to “marry” it.

The thing that really bothered me was when the teachers from other classes and subjects they didn’t teach got mad at you for having bad grades in that class. I was stuck in a horrible math class that I briefly mentioned in this blog entry. I don’t really know what she was trying to accomplish there ok so when you would walk into the classroom the classical music would be blaring. After everybody was situated the bell would ring and she would greet us. Then she would tell a joke from the Rosie O’Donnell Show book Kids are Punny. I’ve heard a lot of those jokes before I saw them on her talk show. they were easy to figure out the punchline to. If you managed to endure in her class for the whole semester she would put your name in a raffle to win a Beanie Baby. One winner per class period. Somebody in my Spanish class won a Beanie from her Patti. She was a very talented gardener though. She used to grow orchids. She helped run the school beautification program. Which I got inadvertently roped into as a senior because everybody left and went on vacation. And when I was a junior they used me for grunt work like making tissue paper flowers and “graduation security” which was a joke in itself. What is with me and getting duped into doing grunt work? I remember one year during my time at the school. She retired. Not to sound mean, but all I could think of was “good riddance”.

I was happy to be transferred out of that class, but the replacement math class was no picnic either. There were no low talkers or children’s joke books. Still more classical music.

It wasn’t that different from kindergarten or when I think about it working at the deli. Crazy rules, inconsistency, getting in trouble for strange unexplained reasons.

Why do people say it’s the best years of your life? They weren’t to me personally. Of course from K-12 I was at the bottom of the food chain. The ladder rung that touched the ground. I know they say about no responsibilities and all that stuff. Maybe if they were the superstar jock who got the cheerleader captain pregnant or something. Many potential friends? A lot of those people I didn’t want to be friends with. It’s hard when you don’t have common interests. Not that I’m saying I’m a special snowflake, but I do have strange interests even now. A lot of what I liked was too “childish” as deemed by others.
This was before the internet made it “cool” to like those things.

Later you hear about people who left their hometown to go to college somewhere else and I guess since they were the big fish in a little pond. The person becomes depressed because they are not the big person on campus anymore at college and they miss their friends and their hometown and being famous.

I must say the music, movies and tv shows were really great and that was my “best part”.

I don’t think I’ve had a “best year” of my life ever? Maybe when I was a baby?

I really hate those people who say things like “High school was the best time of my life. I was friends with everybody. I hung out with the coolest people and I could jump from clique to clique. Sure we excluded people, but wouldn’t you have done it too? And it was awesome! I was the most famous person in town!” I wanna punch those people in the face!

Squirrel Time? — November 26, 2018

Squirrel Time?

I took another picture of a squirrel. (and posted it to instagram) I like to play Sailor Moon Drops by a shady tree because the math building gets shitty reception. I see these kind of squirrel all around the school. They are not native to the area. According to this article they are not.

I hate not having a job any more. At home it’s SOS. Same old shit. Complaining that I’m home all the time and wasting resources; food, toilet paper, and electricity.

I thought the school was going to be more crowded with people coming back to class who never dropped it to make their last ditch effort. And it’s the fall semester with all those students who come fresh out of high school. Some who just sign up for school to do something.

It doesn’t look good for statistics. I don’t know if I wanna go back to school. I feel like I’m stuck. I mean if I take this class again or another similar college level math class and fail that one too. What is the point? College math is hard. But like I said before I don’t want people (especially) my relatives getting on my case about it. Particularly the ones who never went to college. If you are so smart then you try and get an associates degree. If you have one or higher feel free to mock me.

I feel like I did everything backwards or in the wrong order or something. I should have dropped the math class after my first test that came back with an “F” on it. I could have gotten more hours and actually learned something useful. I wasn’t getting any homework done with the inconsistent hours they gave me. I was stupid and wanted it all.

I really wanna go back the deli like returning to an abusive lover. Ok maybe not the deli, but that store. My dad said not to go back to that particular one, but a different one in that chain. It doesn’t matter anyway I can’t reapply for 5 more months. All I need to do is put in my 6 months somewhere. Plus since I worked there for 2 months I know a little something. I’m better off than the person who has never worked for that company before. Working for that place was like being in the Twilight Zone or any other similar program. And if you are one of my former coworkers reading this blog for whatever reason welcome.

Everybody Speaks Latin! — November 25, 2018

Everybody Speaks Latin!

I thought since were running out of year here I should post the rest of the blogs I wrote about 1998. Not the music or fashion ones or anything like that but the ones about being a freshman in high school.
There is not really much effort put into posting them since I had written these a while ago.

Another assumption at my high school was that since the school was like 97% Spanish speaking that everybody spoke Spanish. So presumably they would be good with all the romantic languages; Spanish, French, Romanian, Italian, and Portuguese. And they could learn Latin easily and Latin root words. So my 9th grade English teacher felt there was no reason to teach this. We focused on Greek.

And the level 1 Spanish class was supposed to be for people who had no knowledge of the Spanish language. Because most people in the class spoke Spanish, but could not write or read it. The teacher catered the class for Spanish speakers because the school only had one Spanish 1 level class for Spanish Speakers. The school should have made more classes of Spanish for Spanish Speakers if there was such a demand for that class. I learned nothing in there and quit studying Spanish in high school out of frustration. I really hoped I could learn something with a large chunk of the school staff yelling commands and instructions at me in Spanish and me having no idea what they said, and them getting frustrated at me because they assumed everybody at the school spoke and understood Spanish. It was more a matter of survival. This was the basis for an award winning essay I wrote. (that is another blog for another time) That class was a madhouse she had no control of it and most people in the class just threw things at each other for the whole period.

Chibi Maruko-chan — November 24, 2018

Chibi Maruko-chan

So if you lived in the Los Angeles area in the 90s to the late 2000s you might have been aware of this show. The show was raw in Japanese no subtitles.

Then the show channel hopped from KSCI to KXLA after they got the rights to FCI programming. I think I started watching the show back in 1997. They used to show it at night on Saturdays. In the mid 2000s it got moved to the mornings on Fridays and shown as children’s educational programing. It replaced the Korean language kids’ show that ran from Monday to Thursday.

Nobody knew about this show. It’s pretty obscure in the USA.

I play the mobile game now, but it’s hard and kinda boring. Someone asked me why I play it. Mostly for nostalgia sake and because there is so little Chibi Maruko-chan stuff to find in English.

I did a picture dump of some screen caps I took and put it on instagram.

2 Things That Were Big in 1998 — November 22, 2018

2 Things That Were Big in 1998

I wanted to see 2 things in the parade this year the pikachu balloon and Barenaked Ladies. Then I realized they were both really popular in 1998 and that was 20 years ago. Then I felt really old. Pikachu didn’t get it’s own balloon until the 2001 parade.

According to the parade commentary the Barenaked Ladies been around for 30 years. I forgot they used to have that song they played on Fox Kids, “The Ballad of Gordon“. I think that was the first song I ever heard by them. But I really like “Shoe Box” from the Friends soundtrack. And “One Week” which I can still sing from memory after all these years.

I did like the addition of the Tom turkey balloon on the top of the Macy’s. Al Roker mispronounced “Saiyan”. The new Tom Turkey float was ok.

I poured some Venom drink into a wine glass and it really looks like red wine.

Could have been stuck at the deli working on Thanksgiving or black Friday. They probably would have give me some shift at a stupid time, and not have told me about until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Finished up Wedding Peach. The ending was dumb. I mean how the villain was defeated. The next series I’m going to watch will be a short one.

Nobody Here But Us Students — November 21, 2018
One Month of Freedom — November 19, 2018

One Month of Freedom

It’s been one month since I quit my job at the deli. And I should celebrate. I bought some peach ring candies I didn’t feel like getting drunk. Not even after school. I’ll save the drinks for Thanksgiving.

I found some season 1 Monster High Minis at the dollar store so I bought 2. They came in the little bags and not in the lockers. I hoped there were no doubles.

I think I’m getting a turkey neck. Old age was going to catch up with me. I am turning 35 in a few months. Now I have to think about what I can do to fix it. Maybe a cream?

Some guy was listening to music so loudly in class during the lecture the teacher said he could hear it. I think the lecture slides are not enough. From the survey somebody asked for longer classes (not me). I need a through math class with a lot of hand holding. I knew the name of some command in Excel only because I accidentally used it when I was suck on a math problem on a few chapters ago. I was goofing off in class and doodling while the teacher was going over a problem in Excel. It’s hard to follow along when I’m just watching him do a problem in Excel.

But I opened them I noticed that Catrine has a few manufacturing flaws on her hair. The other figure I thought it was a Lagoona, but it’s Abbey. They really smell like plastic, specifically the hair. One is in the front of her hair and one is in the back, but you can’t see it from the photos I took.

I think I found a solution to my photo problem. I’ll try to start posting them to instagram. I finally figured out how to post pics from my PC to instagram. ^-^ I’ll try it out see how it works.