So October is behind me now. Hopefully my bad luck is gone too.

Like I said I’m not doing Nano since I made up that challenge for the month of November “go at your own pace month”. I can have all this vigor in the beginning of the month and then peter out at the end. And I won’t feel guilty or upset about it.

I did get a free taco today.

The problem is that I went to the Taco Bell where people come from the deli to have their lunch at. It’s a quick trip if you drive there. It’s across the street from the store I worked at. You know run into somebody I used to work with and they end up starting a rumor about me. That I fell on hard times and had to eat a free taco. I eat them because they are free. I did try that apple Freezie and that was really good. Luckily I didn’t run into anybody from the store. 😅