I thought I’d reminisce about 1998. This entry is about the very first homecoming I celebrated? Participated in? Went through? Anyway it was my first one as the title says.

My first spirit week/homecoming was very strange. First of all I sort of had an idea of what homecoming was from watching tv shows and from hearing about things from my older cousins and neighbor. I knew they made floats because I remember people doing that back in the 1980s. My neighbor had a float form in our shared garage and her and the other high school students would come to her house to build it.
Because I was new to the school and there was nobody there to help me who had gone to the school.
I was told about homecoming and stuff the Thursday the week before it was 4 days before the 1st day on Monday including the weekend.
I got told that earlier in the week. I was also told of my class color that was green. But nobody could really explain what it was or why they existed. But we used to say “green makes you horny.” In reference to the green M&M theory that I knew was debunked because I listened to a shit ton of Loveline.
My health teacher told us that for everyday we dressed up we would get extra credit and if we did everyday we would get more.

The first day was kid day and I wore an outfit that was a mishmash of characters. And my jelly shoes (which were the most despised footwear at my junior high in 7th grade) They were clunky they were noisy. And some other girls who I didn’t go to junior high school with called them Xuxa shoes. I had never heard if that before. I had to look it up online years later. A Chilly Willy shirt, Tom from Tom and Jerry plush, a Garfield necklace, and jelly shoes. I didn’t really know how much people got into homecoming. They were really into it. At first I was worried because on my way to school I didn’t see anybody else dressed up at first. Some other girl was dressed up and she had Barbies. My math teacher commented that I was wearing mismatched characters. I think it was a pretty good costume I put together in such short notice with things I had laying around my house.

On Tuesday it was career day. I made a rock star costume. I used that colored hairspray and wore a funny shirt and had a toy microphone. The microphone really sold the look. My English teacher thought I was dressed as a standup comedian. This one guy in my health class improvised a costume in class. He grabbed his binder and claimed he was dressed as a college professor. Because she said college professors don’t wear tight shirts and creepers. I don’t think I’ve had one dressed like him with his rebel style. But the younger professors don’t come to class all dressed up. I thought it was a pretty good improvised 5 second costume. Most of the other people in class just wore scrubs. My friend’s boyfriend guessed correctly what I was dressed as.

For Wednesday it was crazy hat and shoe day. The day before the teacher told us the hats needed to “crazy”. I wondered how crazy? She said no “normal” hats like baseball caps. I asked if she allowed Disneyland hats. And she said she did.
No crazy shoes for me just my good ol’ daisy duck hat.
The girl begged some other girl in our PE class to trade shoes with her so they looked “crazy”. And for extra credit for her class. So each girl had a mismatched pair of shoes.
In Spanish class somebody kept trying to put my hat on somebody else.

I had no idea what cheerleader and football initiation day was. The football players had to wear dresses. You couldn’t get away with something like that anymore. (I think by my junior year I got the hang of spirit week) My senior year everybody’s morale was down since September 11th happened a month prior.

I tried to impress my math teacher by wearing a Looney Tunes shirt with a Bugs Bunny plush. At least they matched. But everybody caught on.
Years later he revealed he like Bugs Bunny because he was a smartass like him. He thought his students were more like Taz. I was more like Sylvester myself. The health teacher made us say (yell) that we had school spirit. I found out that to graduate each student had to put in 40 volunteer hours. I had heard about that in a magazine. My parents had told me before that I was wrong and made it up. But the math teacher didn’t even notice.

I went to my 1st pep rally ever. It was held during 2nd period. It was loud. I sat next to this girl I met recently. We sat next to these 2 other girls and they screamed so much. Going to that thing was so exhausting. The “freshman suck!” Cheer by the upperclassmen was a right of passage.
My health teacher really busted me for having a shirt that was the wrong shade of green. That story element was borrowed from real life. And she didn’t give me credit for it.
That lady didn’t like me for some reason. I guess because I knew she was Bullshitting me with “health tips” except the diseased urine one I believed for years.
She was really tan like that tanning mom or that lady from there’s something about Mary.
And her influence made its way into my Bye Bye Burger fic. She had Sandy Duncan hair. She is one of the reasons I don’t believe in God anymore. They danced to the Aaliyah song “Are you that somebody?” All they pretty much did was copy the choreography from the music video. I remember saying that it would have looked even better if the girl had a fake bird like in the music video.

I didn’t even bother going to the game. My dad told me to get there by halftime and watch the floats circle the track in the street. Our float was dumb but that is sort of a tradition that the freshman have the worst float.
I thought it was fixed for the seniors to always win. Until one year the juniors float won the contest. (which happened to be my class) So we ended up winning 2 years in a row. The seniors’ float that year was nothing more than the Hollywood sign in purple letters (their class color) with a bunch of people dancing to house music on it. There were so many of them dancing so vigorously on that trailer I thought it was going to break. I thought the sophomores’ and juniors’ floats were better.

On the next Monday my friend complained about the freshmen’s float. She also complained about the music at the dance. She said they played; deep house and rap mixed, then pure deep house, then Spanish deep house. She said the dance was badly djed.