I hit my arm on a door at school somewhere on the first floor and it still hurts.

Still not sure about the math problems. I think I know how to the 2nd one pretty well the 1st and 3rd ones not so much. 😥😅

When I was going to study I just really felt like writing for some reason, and I wrote a lot. I should have brought my diary to school. There is nothing on tv I wanna watch tonight anyway.

All I thought I needed to do was memorize the 3 equations we were using and what variables went where.

I think I need some new hair accessories. Not to buy some just to get some new ones to use because the one I’m using losing it’s elasticity.

In class I was craving salty canned shrimp for some reason. Then I thought about George from Seinfeld “the ocean called”.

When I get the quiz I look at it, and I just blank out. XoX Oh no! I hate when that happens and it usually does during math classes. Well more than other subjects. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about the song “Clean” just song not the music video. No shirtless Depeche Mode member fantasies distracting me.