I still don’t know what to do about flickr’s 1000 picture limit. All of those 1998 posts I wanna post can’t be posted. 😦 I’m still trying to come up with a solution to this. :/

So I watched my old music video DVDs and it’s so weird to think I recorded these 20 years ago. It doesn’t feel like 20 years ago. Then I was thinking besides those music videos I was all into. I was so hyped to see the Rugrats movie. I saw The Waterboy earlier in the month. I was thinking about the entry from Veteran’s Day 1999 when I saw the first Pokemon movie, but I’ll save the details for my “looking back on 1999 blogs”. Which I’ll work on next year, or I’ll get another job whichever comes first.

I also found the entry when I first met my crush. 😅 The guy who I accidentally hit with a door, and stalked at a school dance. In that entry I say about admitting what grade I was in, and I felt lying about it was stupid even if the upperclassmen did not think of the freshmen in a flattering way. Saying about how I didn’t have to change to meet people; especially when I got to high school. I was so INFP back then even if I didn’t know about all this personality stuff back then.

I found an entry about watching the dub episode of “Pikachu’s Goodbye”. It’s dated 11-20-98 when the episode premiered in the US. Here’s what I wrote. “Pokemon was a new episode with pikachu starring in it. They’re sooo cute.” I don’t mind sharing this. It’s not so private.

I found the entry about when I went to see the Rugrats movie. I wore my Chuckie shirt and went to see the movie after school. The concession girl thought I was going to see A Bug’s Life. She told me she doesn’t like Angelica. I was disappointed the song “I Throw my Toys Around” was not in the movie. But I liked that Angelica sang a Blondie song in the movie. I thought Gwen would be a good person to sing a song about Angelica.