I wanted to see 2 things in the parade this year the pikachu balloon and Barenaked Ladies. Then I realized they were both really popular in 1998 and that was 20 years ago. Then I felt really old. Pikachu didn’t get it’s own balloon until the 2001 parade.

According to the parade commentary the Barenaked Ladies been around for 30 years. I forgot they used to have that song they played on Fox Kids, “The Ballad of Gordon“. I think that was the first song I ever heard by them. But I really like “Shoe Box” from the Friends soundtrack. And “One Week” which I can still sing from memory after all these years.

I did like the addition of the Tom turkey balloon on the top of the Macy’s. Al Roker mispronounced “Saiyan”. The new Tom Turkey float was ok.

I poured some Venom drink into a wine glass and it really looks like red wine.

Could have been stuck at the deli working on Thanksgiving or black Friday. They probably would have give me some shift at a stupid time, and not have told me about until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Finished up Wedding Peach. The ending was dumb. I mean how the villain was defeated. The next series I’m going to watch will be a short one.