So if you lived in the Los Angeles area in the 90s to the late 2000s you might have been aware of this show. The show was raw in Japanese no subtitles.

Then the show channel hopped from KSCI to KXLA after they got the rights to FCI programming. I think I started watching the show back in 1997. They used to show it at night on Saturdays. In the mid 2000s it got moved to the mornings on Fridays and shown as children’s educational programing. It replaced the Korean language kids’ show that ran from Monday to Thursday.

Nobody knew about this show. It’s pretty obscure in the USA.

I play the mobile game now, but it’s hard and kinda boring. Someone asked me why I play it. Mostly for nostalgia sake and because there is so little Chibi Maruko-chan stuff to find in English.

I did a picture dump of some screen caps I took and put it on instagram.