I thought since were running out of year here I should post the rest of the blogs I wrote about 1998. Not the music or fashion ones or anything like that but the ones about being a freshman in high school.
There is not really much effort put into posting them since I had written these a while ago.

Another assumption at my high school was that since the school was like 97% Spanish speaking that everybody spoke Spanish. So presumably they would be good with all the romantic languages; Spanish, French, Romanian, Italian, and Portuguese. And they could learn Latin easily and Latin root words. So my 9th grade English teacher felt there was no reason to teach this. We focused on Greek.

And the level 1 Spanish class was supposed to be for people who had no knowledge of the Spanish language. Because most people in the class spoke Spanish, but could not write or read it. The teacher catered the class for Spanish speakers because the school only had one Spanish 1 level class for Spanish Speakers. The school should have made more classes of Spanish for Spanish Speakers if there was such a demand for that class. I learned nothing in there and quit studying Spanish in high school out of frustration. I really hoped I could learn something with a large chunk of the school staff yelling commands and instructions at me in Spanish and me having no idea what they said, and them getting frustrated at me because they assumed everybody at the school spoke and understood Spanish. It was more a matter of survival. This was the basis for an award winning essay I wrote. (that is another blog for another time) That class was a madhouse she had no control of it and most people in the class just threw things at each other for the whole period.