I took another picture of a squirrel. (and posted it to instagram) I like to play Sailor Moon Drops by a shady tree because the math building gets shitty reception. I see these kind of squirrel all around the school. They are not native to the area. According to this article they are not.

I hate not having a job any more. At home it’s SOS. Same old shit. Complaining that I’m home all the time and wasting resources; food, toilet paper, and electricity.

I thought the school was going to be more crowded with people coming back to class who never dropped it to make their last ditch effort. And it’s the fall semester with all those students who come fresh out of high school. Some who just sign up for school to do something.

It doesn’t look good for statistics. I don’t know if I wanna go back to school. I feel like I’m stuck. I mean if I take this class again or another similar college level math class and fail that one too. What is the point? College math is hard. But like I said before I don’t want people (especially) my relatives getting on my case about it. Particularly the ones who never went to college. If you are so smart then you try and get an associates degree. If you have one or higher feel free to mock me.

I feel like I did everything backwards or in the wrong order or something. I should have dropped the math class after my first test that came back with an “F” on it. I could have gotten more hours and actually learned something useful. I wasn’t getting any homework done with the inconsistent hours they gave me. I was stupid and wanted it all.

I really wanna go back the deli like returning to an abusive lover. Ok maybe not the deli, but that store. My dad said not to go back to that particular one, but a different one in that chain. It doesn’t matter anyway I can’t reapply for 5 more months. All I need to do is put in my 6 months somewhere. Plus since I worked there for 2 months I know a little something. I’m better off than the person who has never worked for that company before. Working for that place was like being in the Twilight Zone or any other similar program. And if you are one of my former coworkers reading this blog for whatever reason welcome.