My job search is not going very well. There’s just a bunch of broken websites. They are frustrating the hell out of me.

I was watching videos about enneagam type 4 and being rejected by their parents. Well just one with my dad and my cousin. He is the golden child.

Now I’m feeling really bad and stupid about quitting my job at the deli. And now I’m seeing the repercussions of it at home.

Saw somebody on the bus with nice boots. Patent leather Docs in a maroon color.

I didn’t see any squirrels today.

The teacher said if you cannot memorize all these formulas you are not cut out for college. I don’t know if I can’t memorize all those formulas am I really not cut out for college? How did I make it this far? I have no idea. Really.

Maybe I could be like Frenchie from Grease with a musical number containing things about math and delis.

I got an email about a fasfa. Should I even bother filling one out? Maybe just in case. I really don’t wanna go back for another semester.

The Goldbergs was so funny when the dad said he hates the Dodgers and when he drank Slim fast with his meals.