I feel I have the right to make fun of them since I am one.

I saw the Miraculous Ladybug Christmas episode. Boy was that a strange episode. I really didn’t like that it was a musical. It was just ok.

I’m just really upset I’m back where I started with no job and failing a math class.

I know what I need! A battle plan. *points* A good strategist never gives away all their secrets.

After I thought about it do I really want to return to that same store? Then they say look who decided to come back or something like that. You know I can come back form outer space. There could be more bad blood there than a Taylor Swift song.

I should have never used the “u” word; “understaffed”. They will deny that at all costs even though that is the glaring problem. Me pointing that out was a bad idea. Either because I was too stupid or didn’t know better.