What a Whimsical Year — December 27, 2018

What a Whimsical Year

Ok so the title is a joke.

It’s the time of year when people sit back on reflect on their year and I am no different.

Ended up getting into Depeche Mode’s music. Somebody’s music I would have never thought of liking in a million years. They’re a group it’s plural right?  Before that I listened to “Enjoy the Silence” here and there and “People are People” occasionally. Even if I don’t look like one of their stereotypical fans. I don’t wear eyeliner or black leather or scowl enough. Well I did think at first that listening to synth-pop was a whimsical idea. It was the most low effort whimsical thing I could think of.

Choosing my major for my own selfish gains. I think? It was more of a fluke thing than anything. It was not really planned out. Most things I do usually aren’t. You know because I don’t wanna be a speech pathologist or anything like that. I like the media side of communications more. That is interesting to me.

Worrying that I was not altruistic enough.

I thought I was gonna have a really horrible summer, but I didn’t too much. I met some great people on discord and I got a job for the tail end of summer.

Even if that place pretty much hires anybody with a not so bad criminal record, who kinda knows how to read, and has a pulse. Then I unintentionally ended up being whimsical at my job. Which was strange in a way, but not seen good or in some ways productive. (Not that I didn’t do my job when I had one.)

You know and then you find it and it was always there inside you all along. Like Dorthy or Dumbo. Which were getting a job and being whimsical.

Two months is better than nothing. And I am still very proud of myself for staying that long. I never once missed a day when I was there. Even if I still feel like I was solely treated as the idiot they hired to do all the grunt work there. (I’m worried that I give off some kind of idiot or simpleton vibe to people)

I was in a constant state of paranoia there. I felt like I was in 6th grade again. I’m happy I was paid on time and that I didn’t have to sell knives door to door or car wax at gas stations (and not employed by the gas station) or trying to sell people crappy internet service in a store by pretending to ask them a question. Why do sales people do that? Let me ask you a question. Why is your sales pitch so annoying?

And all those hobbyists who are trying hard to preserve and protect what they have and blaming any little thing on why it is dying. They can’t agree on the definition of what they are trying to protect. I’m not sure what they are trying to accomplish and maybe they are not either. They are fighting those who come against them, and each other internally which is rather ironic itself. Which leads to all the problems they’ve had before snobbishness, elitism, fakeness, and gate keeping.

Why can’t I be “genki” all the time or at least do a good job of faking it? That is one of my problems I have a hard time faking enthusiasm. Or faking most any other emotion.

When I finished on of my writing projects I had spent a lot of time working on. I was very happy I did that

Failing math twice was horrible and is really making me consider quitting college for good.

Am I gonna post my writing goals? Let’s see… I know to write some blogs about 1999, and possibly pick up my fics again. I have a whole bunch of unfinished ones.

This will probably be my last blog of the year. Whenever I write things like this people think it’s my last blog ever, but it is not.

The Rest of the 1998 songs in list form — December 26, 2018

The Rest of the 1998 songs in list form

Since there were way too many songs to list and add the videos I decided just to make a list these were the last of my 1998 songs.

K’s choice – “Believe”
K’s Choice – “Everything for Free”
Hooverphonic – “Club Montepulciano”
Fiona Apple – “Never is a Promise”
Lenny Kravitz – “Fly Away”
Ace of Base – “Cruel Summer” (cover)
Brandy – “Have you Ever”
God Lives Underwater – “From your Mouth”
Propellerheads – “Take California”
Knowledge – “Clinton Youth”
Reel Big Fish – “Take on Me” (cover)
Midget – “Invisible Balloon”
Soul Coughing – “Circles”
Lenny Kravitz – “American Woman” (cover)
MXPX – “I’m ok You’re ok”
The Slackers – “Have the Time”
Unwritten Law – “Holiday”
Unwritten Law – “California Sky”
The Ziggens – “The Waitress Song”
Korn – “Got the Life”
Gob – “What to Do”
They Might be Giants – “Dr. Worm”
The Presidents of the USA – “Video Killed the Radio Star” (cover)
Sloppy Seconds – “15 Minutes or it’s Free”
Gas Huffer – “Rotten Egg”
Ten Foot Pole – “The Getaway”
Air – “Sexy Boy”
Cheater – “Teenage Zero”
2 Skinnie J’s – “Riot Nrrrd”
Digger“Space Cadet” by
Prozzak- “Sucks to be You”
Eve 6 – “Tongue Tied”
The Killingtons – “Best I Know”
Lo Fidelity Allstars – “Battleflag” (a song nobody quite knew the name of)
Hagfish – “Stamp”
Dope Smugglaz – “The Word”
Wagon Christ – “Lovely”
Stardust – “Music Sounds Better with You”
Bleach – “Super Good Feeling”
Faith Evans – “Love like this Before”
Eve 6 – “Leech”
Eagle Eye Cherry – “Falling in Love Again”
Swirl 360 – “Candy in the Sun”
Big Pun “Still not a Player”
Prozzak – “Strange Disease”
Saint Etienne – “The Bad Photographer”
Pearl Jam – “Do the Evolution”
Shawn Mullins – “Lullaby”
Swirl 360 – “Hey Now Now”
Rancid – “Bloodclot”
Divine – “Lately”
Brandy – “Have you Ever”
Janet Jackson – “Everytime”
Janet Jackson – “You”
Janet Jackson – “Go Deep”
Janet Jackson – “I get Lonely”
Usher – “Nice & Slow”
Next – “Too Close”
Celine Dion – “My Heart will go On” (my 8th grade graduation song which I thought was poor choice just trying to ride on the Titanic movie trend)
KC & Jo-Jo – “All of my Life”
Deborah Cox – “Nobody Supposed to be Here”
Tatiana Ali – “Daydreamin”
Mad Caddies – “Road Rash”
All Saints – “Never Ever”
Outcast – “Rosa Parks”



Early Christmas? — December 25, 2018

Early Christmas?

But I had my job so that was like an early Christmas even if I was treated horribly there. I bought myself all these impulse buys. But I should be saving money even when I get another job. You can’t save money on whimsical impulse buys.

I realized there was still a huge list of 1998 songs/videos I never posted and there are still some good ones on that list. That will be in a separate blog entry. Possibly tomorrow it needs a bit of editing.

I got some Airheads taffy in my stocking and I was telling my mom some funny story about Airheads candy and overalls. But that happened to somebody else not me. And this is coming from somebody who put a cookie in a pocket of a raincoat when they were like 10. If you are curious to know it just crumbled and made a mess. Oh yeah and I got that copy of “Speak & Spell” I picked out at the Rhino Records. It’s the 2006 reissue copy. Let’s see my review of “Speak & Spell” would be; it’s simplistic word salad songwriting courtesy of Vince Clarke. Why do people hate on “Big Muff”? Even if you are a Martin Gore songwriting purist he wrote that song!

I’m not sure if I want to come out of the Depeche Mode closet to my cousins I think they might remember when I was younger and vocal about not liking them. Back when I still listened to rap music. If they ask me questions like “What did you get for Christmas?” or “What did you buy with your first paycheck at the deli?” then which the answers are “Speak & Spell” and “Violator”. It just sounds I don’t know “funny”. Well to them I mean. Since I was vocal about not liking them.

My dad got a Christmas Eve Raiders win even if they did have a pretty bad record for the season.

Bouncing off the Walls — December 24, 2018

Bouncing off the Walls

I was thinking when I was a kid like 30 years ago. I was all excited for Christmas hyped up on sugar. Including my mom’s cookies and stealing cookie dough and licking bowls.

I forget what I asked for in ’88 I think a Lady Lovely Locks doll and a My Little Pony and Sylvanian Families single figures in my stocking were always a treat.


An Imaginary Airing of Grievances — December 23, 2018

An Imaginary Airing of Grievances

Happy Festivus!

When I still worked at the deli I had hoped to be there for Festivus. There is a place I would have loved to have an Airing of Grievances. I used to fantasize about this a lot besides eating donuts with Martin Gore. But that has nothing to do with Festivus. I would have wanted to gather everybody and have them at a dinner table like Frank Costanza did in the episode. I was gonna air my grievances in this entry, but since I’m trying to get back with company that would be a bad idea. I’m doing the opposite.

Actually this blog has been an Airing of Grievances of sorts. After I left the deli in utter frustration.

The Festivus Miracle would be that I got a job at that store, and it was run properly.

After I thought about it I do have a grievance to air, but it has nothing to do with the deli. To KAZA and KPXN tv why did you move to weaker signals now? I can’t watch you and I’m really upset.

Fatty Brainwashing — December 20, 2018

Fatty Brainwashing

I was thinking about how I associate the soft drinks Original New York Seltzer and Cherry 7up with the 80s. Remember I was not alive for the whole decade.

Still working on my battle plan. I need to be like those kids in that South Park episode “Roger Ebert should Lay off the Fatty Foods”. “I love my job!” I didn’t know how good I had it there. Making $3 over the state minimum wage. See? I’m already starting to change. I just need to wait it out. And maybe I should stop listening to the album “Construction Time Again”.


Why is this even news?! News flash people they have been missing their tips for years! You only seemed to notice this now!?

Place it in Your Memory, Leave it in Your Past — December 18, 2018

Place it in Your Memory, Leave it in Your Past

My mom says I have to eventually go back to the store I quit at. *whines* I don’t wanna!

It wasn’t so bad this time. I felt anxious walking in, but as I shopped it seemed to go away. Something funny happened when I was checking out. The cashier who remembered me working there asked if I wanted to use my employee discount. This is funny for 2 reasons; I have not worked there in like 2 months, and you don’t get a discount until 3 months into the job. With the music I’m fine. I just happened to be listening to my “People are People” single. This was not intentional.

I made sure to keep a safe distance form the deli. I pretended to look at some fruit. While my mom went there. She said they were yelling. This is commonplace. When are they not yelling at you in the deli. When is there not yelling in the deli? Unless it is closed… sometimes.

I posted a few of my leftover 1988 and 1998 blog pics on Instagram. I think I have a few more I might post.

I read over my old 1998 text blogs and they were just more of me complaining about high school, and the school district I went to was poorly run.

I found this old 3 Minute Cooking video. It’s a Christmas themed episode.

Speaking of Japanese TV Japan Hollywood Network (Formerly UTB) is showing the Red and White Festival. It looks like the only good New Years show on this year. I’m not really interested in the other New Years programming coming up. I think NBC has given up on their New Years programming.

Easy as Geography? — December 17, 2018

Easy as Geography?

What the hell is this!?

Its horrible I have no idea what the hell its supposed to be. It sounds nothing like the old song. I’m surprised none of the other gumshoes I know have commented on this song. Why is it so different? Could they not get the rights to use the old song?

I think I would check out that new Carmen Sandiego cartoon if I had Netflix. Then I wondered if that new song is going to be the theme song for the new show. But it’s not like I have to see it.

I hate when my relatives get on my case about school. Were you working strange inconsistent shifts in a deli? Then I don’t think so. Get off my case and leave me alone.

I think I need to see if I have anymore 1998 text blogs. Besides the ones that were just a list of things with pictures. I’m already gathering ideas for my 1999 text blogs. I have not written anything yet.

Fight Song? — December 15, 2018

Fight Song?

So my dad asked about what my last blog was about. He happened to read the title while I was trying to edit it. XoX

It sort of has to do with my battle plan. I know I need some “training”. I’ll work out all the details later. Because if I ask for help from my parents they will just think I’m doing some strange thing.

I’m working hard on my 1999 song list. There were a lot of good songs back then nu-metal and boy bands. Were ska and swing pretty much dead by then?

I really wanna sign up for that contest to give up your smartphone for a year. I had a flip phone up until 2016. So I think it would not be much of a problem. I’d save so much in phone bills. Although when it’s over I’d have to get my phone reactivated.

I had a silly thought what if Alf tried to eat Luna from Sailor Moon?

Crying Times — December 11, 2018

Crying Times

If I find myself listening to “Blasphemous Rumours” and cry.
Or Listening to “Halo” and cry.
Or listening to any one of their other songs and cry.
Or a song by anybody else and cry.
For the record none of this is part of my battle plan.

My mom was shopping at the store I used to work at. I still don’t wanna step foot in there until next month. She said some workers were complaining about some worker with a drippy cart. Maybe it was chicken blood. I remember when that used to happen to me. 🤔 That is something I don’t miss.

Who knows maybe I can endure another job somewhere else for 3 months or more?