I got the idea for the title somewhere… 😂😅🤔

My mom was looking for something at the thrift store. Usually I go there looking for Sanrio stuff or some media like movies and CDs. I thought “IDK maybe I’ll find a copy of ‘Ultra’ or something.” I found some Weird Al cassettes. Ok so it’s not Depeche Mode, but finding Weird Al cassettes from the 80s are way moby! It made me want to dip my arms in chocolate and shave off one eyebrow.

Since that thrift store is by the mall I had her drop me off there. I wanted to meander there before I was going to where I really wanted to.

The mall was just chock full of K-pop stuff.

When I go to the Hot Topic I can’t believe now they have “Behind the Wheel” shirts after I ordered that one online 2 months ago well I had a job back then. *shrugs*. They had like a whole stack of them. XoX

I wanted to go to this 80s themed record store. The problem is that it opens late in the morning. I had really wanted to go to that store for a while now. Like for a month. I thought I shouldn’t go since I don’t have a job and money to spend there. I wanted to go on Friday, but my dad made me go to my storage space instead. My main objective was to buy something with Martin Gore’s picture on it.

When I get there the shopkeeper is talking to some guy and ignoring me. I’m listening to what they are saying even if I looked like I was listening to music on my headphones. It made me think about Elaine at Putumayo.

The guy talking to the shopkeeper didn’t know much about music even if he claimed to he called Bush’s album “Seventeen Stone” it’s called “Sixteen Stone”. He also couldn’t remember the title to “Machinehead”. I think he called it the “Breathe in, breathe out song” or something like that. I chimed in with that one. And he told a Material Issue joke.

I was so tempted to buy a copy of “Speak & Spell” there, but I think I can get it cheaper on Amazon.

There was some pretty interesting stuff in there including jewelry with Dave Gahan’s picture on it. If it was Martin I would have considered it or even Gwen Stefani.

They had lots of nice Depeche Mode shirts there. I thought about buying one. Then if I would have come back with a shirt my parents would have said I have a problem or something. It’s happened to me before so I didn’t wanna chance it.

I thought I was going to tell my dad about that store, but I’m not sure if the would like it. It doesn’t really carry stuff he would be into. He’s not into like the kind of 80s bands they had there like punk and synth bands.