When I got my test back it was bad, but I was not surprised or anything. And my grade in the class is bad and still no surprise there. It’s like an Usagi grade. 😭 I didn’t realize the final is a month before my birthday. So I wanted to know about acing the final. When I asked him he said it’s never been done before. Which was kinda what I was thinking. 😥 Now I know how to spend my time. I’m a realist not insane.

Part of me misses that sadistic deli.

I’ll do what I always do drown my sorrows in some music videos. I think I’ll start with this one.

I thought about that time one of my coworkers caught me singing that song while slicing meats. I was singing this part: “The thoughts in my head, All the words that were said, All the blues and the reds, Get to me”. I think the next 2 remastered videos they’ll release will be “Blasphemous Rumours”and “Somebody” since those are the 2 singles off “Some Great Reward” that are not on their official youtube channel.

I think I’ll binge watch some music videos and throw some 3rd wave ska ones in the mix for good measure.

My mom wants me to study and not leave the class without a fight. No way! Not gonna happen. Maybe I’ll feign studying like that kid in the Chutes and Ladders game who is reading the comic book. I can work on my writing or my fan art or something.